Storage and processing of the hottest eggplant

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Storage and fresh-keeping of Eggplant and processing of flavor food. This paper introduces the storage, processing and fresh-keeping methods of several eggplant and the processing technology of flavor food

I. storage and preservation of eggplant

dig ditches with a depth of 1.2m and a width of 1.2m where the terrain is high and dry and the drainage is good 5 meters. The length depends on the number of eggplants. The medium-sized healthy eggplant fruits without mechanical injury, insect injury and disease shall be pre stored in a cool place, and shall be put into the ditch after the temperature drops. When entering the ditch, the fruit handle shall be stacked one layer down, and the fruit handle of the second layer shall be inserted into the gap of the first layer to prevent stabbing the good fruit. Stack the layers, cover the top layer with kraft paper or weeds, and then cover the soil layer by layer as the temperature drops. In order to prevent the eggplant from heating in the ditch, when the eggplant is buried, an air duct and a temperature measuring tube can be erected every 3-4 meters to maintain the appropriate temperature in the ditch. If the temperature is too low, the soil layer should be thickened and the air duct should be blocked; If the temperature is too high, open the ventilator. This method can keep eggplant fresh for days

II. Processing of eggplant flavor food

1 Delicious eggplant slices. Cut the fresh eggplant into slices and fill the jar with a layer of eggplant slices and a layer of salt according to the proportion of 100kg eggplant slices and 16KG salt. Then add salt water with a concentration of 16% to submerge the eggplant, and press a heavy object to cover it tightly. Once every other day, after 20 days of salting and ripening, take it out and soak it in clean water for 6 hours. During this period, change the water times, and then remove it to dry. Take out 100kg eggplant slices, add 1.2kg pepper powder, 1kg prickly ash powder, 8kg white granulated sugar and 200g monosodium glutamate, mix well, and soak in soy sauce for 1 week to form a delicious eggplant slice

2. Sweet and sour eggplant. Wash the fresh eggplant, remove the stalk, dry it in the air, cut it into two halves, and then put it in a jar. According to the proportion of 100kg eggplant to 10kg sugar, put a layer of Eggplant and sprinkle a layer of sugar until it is full. Then sprinkle it with edible vinegar (100kg eggplant to 10kg vinegar) until it is level with the eggplant, and press the weight. Turn the cylinder every other day and turn it continuously. Put the pickle jar in a cool and ventilated place and serve after 15 days

3. Eggplant slices in soy sauce. Cut the salted and mature eggplant into thin slices, soak it in clean water for 1 day, change the water times, take it out and dry for half a day, then add 2.5 kg ginger shreds to every 100 kg of salted eggplant slices, soak it in soy sauce, turn it once a day, and serve it after 10 days

4. Salted garlic and eggplant sticks. First, cut the salted eggplant into strips with a width of 2 cm and a length of 1 cm, which are the basic common technologies and technical standards of the polymer surface materials industry. When the strips are boiled with boiling water to the extent that the teeth can bite and the experimental waveform is improved, they are taken out and soaked in cold water. After cooling, they are spread out and dried. Then they are salted in a jar. It is mainly used for the tensile strength test in the mechanical inspection of various materials when loading the cylinder. Add 3.5kg of dried garlic or garlic powder, 3kg of soy sauce and 1.5kg of fresh ginger powder to every 100kg of salted eggplant. Turn it once on the second day, and turn it again every other day. It can be eaten after days. The finished product is dark red, salty and spicy

5. Dried eggplant. Remove the stems of the mature eggplant without disease and insect pests, cut it into thin pieces according to the lighting design standard for buildings gb/t 50033 ⑵ 001, roll it in boiling water, immediately take it out to dry, and put it in the sun. Turn it every hour, take it back indoors at night, and keep it in the sun for a continuous day. Then it can be packed or bottled for storage. When eating, soak it in warm water and stir fry it with pork. It tastes delicious

source: Hunan agriculture

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