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Energy and chemical industry sector: the stock and futures linkage rise

the rare heavy snowfall weather in history has a great impact on the production and operation and road transportation of chemical enterprises in the north. The product transportation is blocked, the power supply is blocked and forced to shut down. After the cold air went south, the southern provinces were hit by rain and snow recently, which also had a serious adverse impact on the chemical production, transportation and operation in the southern region

the flow lines between domestic plastic production and marketing areas are relatively complex, and the weather has seriously hindered the transportation of plastic products between the production and marketing areas. The products in the production areas are overstocked, and the supply in the marketing areas is in short supply. Even wangzhonghui, deputy general manager of Dongxu optoelectronics, said that he was nervous. Due to the plastic production and marketing areas, some problems will occur in the experimental process in most provinces, cities and autonomous regions in China. Therefore, most of the domestic disastrous rain and snow climate has caused a short-term imbalance between the supply and demand of plastics, This has led to a sharp "disaster climate rise" in plastic prices

for Tianjiao, domestic rubber flows from Hainan and Yunnan to the north. Hainan Tianjiao can be divided into sea and land transportation, while Yunnan rubber can only be transported to the north through land railways and highways, while the spot of imported rubber spreads from east to west. For the current domestic railways and highways, the East-West direction is not as developed as the north-south direction. Under the unfavorable background of rain and snow disasters from north to south, the transportation of domestic rubber from south to North and imported rubber from east to west will encounter serious resistance. Therefore, the disastrous weather caused by rain and snow also led to a "disastrous climate rise" in rubber prices

as shown in the attached table, the chemical fiber index, coal oil index and automobile index have risen sharply in an all-round way, showing a trend of linkage with energy and chemical futures, reflecting the background of the imbalance between supply and demand of relevant energy varieties caused by the disastrous climate, which has led to the rise of the shares of Listed Companies in relevant sectors, especially the beneficial substance of the downstream enterprises' raising the product prices due to the lack of reporting on goods from the Korean media experiment

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