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Storage and fresh-keeping management technology of kidney beans

the suitable storage temperature of kidney beans is 8 ~ 10 ℃, which is too low, and it is easy to suffer from freezing injury, which shows that the bean pods first appear sunken rust spots, and some appear as water stains, and then rot. The gas composition of controlled atmosphere storage is 2% ~ 3% of oxygen and less than 10% of carbon dioxide. The common storage methods are as follows

1. cooling storage method

put the cleaned pods into 100 ℃ boiling water for about 2 minutes, put them into water immediately after taking them out to cool them to indoor temperature, drain the water and put them into plastic bags, discharge the air in the bags, put the plastic bags into the -25 ℃ quick-frozen warehouse, and put them in the -18 ℃ storage warehouse after full cooling, which can be stored for a long time. Generally, it is limited to half a year or one year

2. small package storage method

put kidney beans into 0.1mm polyethylene plastic bags. Each oil delivery valve has a loud noise. The bags are 5kg, sealed with film mouth, and 0.5 ~ 1kg hydrated lime is added into the bags. They are stored in the warehouse and fumigated with 0.01ml/l sec butylamine. The storage temperature is 8 ~ 10 ℃, and the bags are opened for inspection every 10 ~ 14 days. This method can be stored for 30 days

information source: pollution-free cultivation of vegetable black beans using wind path switching method to import the medium culture technology of test samples

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