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Banana storage and ripening technology

bananas transported from the south to the north are green, hard and astringent. They must be stored and ripened for a period of time, so that bananas are still a new subject. They can be sold and eaten only after the starch is transformed into sugar and the astringent is transformed into sweet

1. Storage method

1. Storage temperature banana is a tropical fruit, and the suitable storage temperature is 13 ℃. Bananas with high temperature are easy to ripen or rot in advance; Low temperature, such as rubber and plastic, metal processing, paint and ink, personal care, packaging, medicine, food and beverage, steam 4, fatigue testing machine is a high-tech equipment vehicle and renewable energy, which is not easy to ripen. If the storage temperature is lower than 11 ℃, bananas are vulnerable to chilling injury. The peel is dark or dark brown, hard in heart and astringent in taste. It is not easy to ripen and eat

2. Storage methods after bananas are transported from the south to the north, they should be stored indoors or in the basement. When the storage room is large, it can be discharged by single basket and single layer; If the storage room is small, the banana baskets can be arranged and stacked in a multi-level sequence with the characteristics of small bottom and large top cover, so as to form a natural gap between the banana baskets and facilitate air circulation and circulation

2. Ripening method

1. When the ripening temperature and humidity are lower than those of continuous full-automatic ripening, the ripening time is prolonged and the effect is poor; When the temperature is too high, bananas will soon become soft, chlorophyll cannot disappear in time, and lutein and carotene cannot appear. Although bananas have become soft, the peel is still green, with poor sweet taste and low commodity value. The appropriate temperature for ripening bananas is ℃. If the temperature is higher than the appropriate temperature, artificial ventilation and cold water spraying can be carried out to reduce the temperature; When the temperature is low, it can be heated manually to reach the appropriate temperature

the suitable humidity for ripening bananas is 85%-90%. When the humidity is lower than 80%, bananas cannot ripen normally. Water should be sprayed manually to increase humidity, so that the ripened bananas are yellow, sweet and of high commodity value

2. Ripening methods include ethylene gas inflation method, Ethrel ripening method and yishiling ripening method, i.e. 40% yishiling (2-chlorohexyl phosphate, concentration: 1500 ×—— two thousand ×) Use a spray to spray three circles on the left and three circles on the right of the basket filled with bananas. After the spray is uniform, stack them together, cover them tightly with plastic cloth, control the temperature and humidity, remove the plastic cloth after two days of suffocation, and the bananas can be sold and eaten after three days of ripening

source: Chinese fruit

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