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Promoting the development of AI industry education integration, the project of Huasheng · Xinhua 3 AI industry college was released today

on October 17, a 5 mu experimental field was established in 510jiazi town in the north of Pingquan County. The AI industry education integration development forum and the project press conference of Huasheng · Xinhua 3 AI Industry College jointly hosted by Beijing Huasheng Jingshi Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Huasheng Jingshi") and Xinhua 3 University were held in Hangzhou, Focusing on the integrated development of AI industry and education, more than 250 industry and enterprise experts and leaders of more than 120 colleges and universities were gathered to conduct in-depth exchanges on topics such as the development of AI technology, the innovative mode of industry and education integration, the reform of the cylindrical construction of colleges and universities, the construction of mobile learning ecology, and the innovative development of education internationalization, interpret the cutting-edge technologies of enterprise AI, and explore the development path of industry and education integration in the field of AI, Jointly draw a bright future for the development of artificial intelligence industry

on the scene of the artificial intelligence industry education integration development forum

Li Tao, vice president of Xinhua Group III and executive president of Xinhua University III, made a wonderful opening speech for the forum. He said in his speech: "in the field of integration of industry and education, we have always maintained close cooperation with colleges and universities. In the future, Xinhua III will continue to give full play to its enterprise advantages and carry out in-depth cooperation with Huasheng Jingshi to provide in-depth services for colleges and universities."

Li Tao, vice president of Xinhua third group and President of Xinhua third university in charge of the installation of hydraulic universal testing machine, should invite a qualified construction team to deliver a speech.

as a future oriented education technology enterprise, Huasheng Jingshi is actively building a one-stop industry education integration service platform for the artificial intelligence industry. Zhang Yong, chairman of Huasheng Jingshi, said in his speech: "Huasheng Jingshi will take the opportunity of the construction and development of AI major to make disruptive innovations in four fields: promoting the innovation of workshop based learning system construction, realizing the intelligent operation of AI major, realizing the innovative development of professional clusters in applied technology-based courses or vocational education, and innovating the development of education internationalization in the new era."

speech by Zhang Yong, chairman of Huasheng Jingshi

in the face of the rapid development of artificial intelligence industry and the urgent needs of artificial intelligence professionals, relying on the rich artificial intelligence industry resources of Xinhua Group III and the industry-oriented one-stop production and education integration service platform of Huasheng Jingshi, Huasheng · Xinhua three artificial intelligence industry college came into being and was officially released at this forum

project release of Huasheng · Xinhua 3 artificial intelligence industry college

Huasheng · Xinhua 3 artificial intelligence industry college aims to cooperate with colleges and universities to open up the professional groups related to the artificial intelligence industry, with the majors and directions of network technology, communication engineering, software engineering, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, intelligent manufacturing, IOT and so on as the core, generate good social repercussions, and combine the characteristics of local industries and the needs of industry talents, Formulate personalized professional cluster construction plans and talent training solutions, build a talent training system that develops synchronously with the AI industry, promote the organic link of AI industry chain, education chain and talent chain, realize the close connection between education and the development of AI industry, and provide strong talent support for the development of AI technology and industry in China

To this end, chairman Zhang Yong made a practical plan and layout for the innovative development of Huasheng Jingshi in the field of artificial intelligence: "based on Huasheng · xinhuansan artificial intelligence Industrial College, Huasheng Jingshi will strive to achieve three breakthroughs: building an employment driven engine, promoting the construction of College Teachers' ability, and vigorously promoting the pilot work of '1

x' certificate system in Colleges and universities."

in the future, Huasheng Jingshi will continue to deepen industry university cooperation and collaborative education, actively transform the advanced technology, products and ecological resources of leading enterprises in the artificial intelligence industry into educational technology, build artificial intelligence professional clusters based on OBE mode, artificial intelligence training platforms, Artificial Intelligence International College and other artificial intelligence platforms with industrial characteristics, and provide colleges and universities with one-stop industry education integration services for the artificial intelligence industry, Improve the construction level of AI specialty in Colleges and universities, and work together with schools and enterprises to promote the innovation and development of AI production and education integration

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