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Share your and my achievements - Zoomlion concrete machinery company Bauma China 2012 Theme Conference held in Shanghai

share your and my achievements - Zoomlion concrete machinery company Bauma China 2012 theme hydroxide: aluminum hydroxide, magnesium hydroxide, basic magnesium carbonate conference held in Shanghai

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Guide: November 26, 2012, Zoomlion Concrete Machinery Co., Ltd. 2012 Shanghai BMW exhibition sharing your and my achievements Theme Conference was grandly held in Shanghai Dongjiao hotel. The venue arranged in Zijin Hall of Dongjiao hotel is full of guests and bustling. Zoomlion concrete machinery global VIP customers, supplier representatives

on November 26, 2012, the Theme Conference of "sharing your and my achievements" of Zoomlion concrete machinery company's 2012 Shanghai BMW exhibition was grandly held in Shanghai Dongjiao hotel. The venue arranged in Zijin Hall of Dongjiao hotel was full of guests and bustling. Zoomlion concrete machinery global VIP customers, supplier representatives and industry media representatives gathered together to share the joy of harvest and vision for the future. Chenxiaofei, vice president of Zoomlion and general manager of concrete machinery company, chenpeiliang, vice president of Zoomlion and executive deputy general manager of concrete machinery company, and other leaders attended the event

review the achievements in the past 20 years

this year marks the 20th anniversary of Zoomlion. More than 100 domestic and foreign guests present at the "share your and my achievements" conference are partners of Zoomlion concrete machinery for many years. They are not only close friends who grow together with Zoomlion, but also witnesses the development and growth of Zoomlion. The unique layout of the venue reproduces the changes and development of China's construction in the past two decades, as if it brought people to the time tunnel and let people relive these 20 years of entrepreneurial time. Since its establishment, Zoomlion has continued to explore and innovate, and has always adhered to cultivating competitive advantages in management, technology, talent, market and other aspects, maintaining steady and rapid development; With an inclusive M & a culture, Zoomlion has become the world's largest concrete machinery manufacturer by building a diversified industrial aircraft carrier and entering the global industrial layout. Over the past two decades, Zoomlion has been grateful to provide customers with products with first-class quality and first-class experience, providing returns and creating value for the society

Zhan Chunxin, chairman of Zoomlion, said, "there is a key word in Zoomlion's dictionary, which is called gratitude. Zoomlion has received the love and support of leaders, shareholders, partners, as well as our customers, peers and friends over the past 20 years. Zoomlion is grateful and adheres to a return."

share your story and mine

at the Theme Conference of Zoomlion concrete machinery company, many partners shared and recalled the story of helping each other through difficulties with Zoomlion

fanguoqiang, general manager of Zibo JINDA Concrete Co., Ltd., is a loyal customer of Zoomlion. He was also invited to the theme conference this time. In an interview, Mr. Fan Guoqiang said: "Zoomlion's integrity and inclusiveness in the process of cooperating with customers are touching; Zoomlion has always given us great support in the difficult times of domestic economic downturn in 2008 and 2011; the quality of Zoomlion's products is also particularly trustworthy, and it has always used accessories of world-class brands, with stable quality; the most unforgettable is the after-sales service engineer of Zoomlion, who was in Sichuan in 2009 because of our own The service engineer of Zoomlion was injured due to the improper operation of the workers. They not only didn't put forward any requirements, but also helped us contact the crane when the installation of the experimental force sensor was not level, and worked on the site for 20 hours. These details have accumulated into trust, and also created our common achievements with Zoomlion. "

At the Theme Conference of

pilot future technology

, the wonderful and dazzling product show attracted everyone's attention. The series of new products unveiled at the BMW exhibition comprehensively demonstrated the scientific and technological achievements of Zoomlion concrete machinery

in terms of concrete pump truck, boom vibration control technology (ABC system), high-precision and high-efficiency pumping technology (APC system) and boom trajectory control technology (ATC system) have brought the control technology, pumping technology and shock absorption technology of concrete pump truck to a new height. The mature carbon fiber boom technology, the global original carbon fiber oil cylinder technology, and the innovative high-strength aluminum alloy ceramic concrete pipe technology are important achievements in the field of pumping in the field of new material application, laying a solid foundation for Zoomlion pump truck boom to break through the 100 meter mark

in addition, the intelligent environmental protection mode of dry mixing mortar, environmental protection station and machine-made sand displayed by Zoomlion, the concrete mixer series products with the largest sales volume in the country, the existing on-board pump with the highest export pressure in China, the expert spraying manipulator for the construction of small tunnels and underground projects, as well as the mortar pump, mixing host and other new products are the integration of the top technology, advanced concept, mature application and future direction of concrete machinery, They have become dazzling superstars at the BMW exhibition

twenty years of achievement and sharing. Twenty years ago, Zoomlion started the great journey of revitalizing famous industries, and has always taken expanding China's construction machinery and building a world-class brand as its mission and pursuit, based on scientific and technological innovation, promoting industrial layout, and creating achievements and values together with global customers. The 2012 BMW Shanghai exhibition is a window for Zoomlion to show its achievements over the years. Under the guidance of the psychological concept of "thinking to build the future", which further improves the level of nuclear manufacturing technology and overall strength, Zoomlion will continue to move forward and write a new chapter in the next two decades

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