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Seize financing opportunities to help energy-saving service companies grow

during the Eleventh Five Year Plan period, the energy-saving service industry grew rapidly, and the financing requirements of energy-saving service companies were urgent. Then, how do energy-saving service enterprises choose financing methods, how to obtain financing qualifications, and how to obtain reasonable financing channels? We invite industry experts to talk about the financing of energy-saving service companies from multiple perspectives

invited guests:

Wang Jing

deputy manager of small and medium-sized enterprise business department of Bank of Beijing

Zhang Kun

manager of Siemens leasing company


chairman of Shanghai Zhongji Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

coexistence of multiple financing methods

how to choose an enterprise

bright news: the financing channels of contract energy management generally include bank loans, credit guarantee loans, financial leasing, etc. How should energy-saving service companies choose

Wang Jing: bank loans refer to the loans that energy-saving service companies apply for from domestic commercial banks. In terms of the actual situation in China, bank loans are the most important financing channel for energy-saving service companies

Zhang Kun: financial leasing refers to that the lessor purchases the equipment required by the lessee according to the lessee's requirements, and transfers the asset use right to the lessee within the agreed time to obtain the rent. Financial leasing is a mature method of equipment financing, and almost any fixed assets can be used for financial leasing

financial leasing is a kind of credit product. The subject matter is equipment, which can be purchased in contract energy management. Borrowing money in the form of borrowing goods can ensure the safe and single investment of funds. Within the agreed period (between one year and five years), the lessee enjoys the right to use the product and can earn income from it. When the money is paid off, the equipment will be naturally transferred to the lessee

during the lease period, the lessor legally owns the ownership of the equipment. Within the agreed period, the lessee needs to make regular repayment, which is similar to bank loans

in an 18:1 contract energy management contract with a general barrel length of its diameter, a large proportion of capital expenditure is the expenditure of energy-saving equipment, such as energy-saving frequency converters, LED street lights, etc

caiyuchi: general energy-saving service companies, especially new energy-saving service companies and potential energy-saving service companies, are small in size, weak in economic strength, and lack of credit records in banks, making it difficult to obtain loans required for business development. In order to support the development of energy-saving service companies, with the support of the global environment facility and the world bank, China has set up a special fund for contract energy management loan guarantee to specifically support the energy-saving projects of energy-saving service companies. Relevant enterprises implementing energy-saving projects can make full use of this credit guarantee channel

Shanghai Zhongji Energy Technology Co., Ltd. provides customers with comprehensive energy-saving solutions, including solar terms, coal and electricity saving. In the field of contract energy management, we have done many projects. The funds are basically part of our own funds and part of bank financing. The main lending bank is Bank of Beijing. In my opinion, the degree of professionalism of banks in the loan business of energy-saving service companies is crucial

urgent financing needs

how can enterprises make a good combination

bright news: what is the relationship between contract energy management and financing? What are the advantages of bank loans, financial leasing and other financing methods

Wang Jing: the biggest obstacle to the implementation of contract energy management is the difficulty of financing and information. Generally speaking, bank loans are the first choice for financing of energy-saving service companies. Bank loans are an effective means of using finance to promote contracted energy management and a powerful tool to promote energy conservation and emission reduction. They are of great significance for cultivating energy-saving service industries and building an environment-friendly and resource-saving society

based on small and medium-sized enterprises, Bank of Beijing has issued a total of more than 2.3 billion yuan of loans for energy-saving and emission reduction projects, supported a number of energy-saving service companies jointly with the energy conservation Service Committee of the China Energy Conservation Association, and also established a professional loan business team for energy-saving service companies

Zhang Kun: at the initial stage of development, the energy-saving service company has no scale of projects, and the financing demand is large, while the contract energy management needs to invest in a large number of equipment. This does not need the computer single-chip microcomputer or the work instruction. Energy saving services must meet the company's natural demand for financing every week. If the newly established energy-saving service company does not have financing, it needs a lot of funds in the first year, and it will be recovered slowly in the next five years. In this process, financing is inevitable

because the recovery of contracted energy management funds lags behind, and the financial leasing service happens to match its capital recovery period, energy-saving service companies can reduce capital pressure. If the energy-saving service company carries out financial leasing, the initial investment will be relatively small. For example, if the company needs to buy equipment of 1million yuan, the financial leasing can bear 700000 yuan to 800000 yuan. With less investment in the initial stage and sufficient cash flow, the company can do more projects, and there will be more income in the later stage, entering a virtuous circle. The repayment of financial leasing is also flexible, which can be repaid monthly, quarterly or annually according to the payment collection contract signed between the energy-saving service company and the customer. Therefore, financial leasing is a contract energy management project that is very suitable for purchasing equipment in large quantities. The payback period of the project is within five years. In terms of time, financial leasing and contract energy management mode are the best match

caiyuchi: from the perspective of enterprises, contracted energy management is closely related to financing. It can be said that without financing, energy-saving service companies cannot survive better. Many energy-saving service companies are saying that it is difficult to finance now. Indeed, it is not easy to borrow money from others

I think we should try to get bank loans, because the interest rate of bank loans is relatively lowest. However, the loan amount of banks to enterprises is limited. Therefore, enterprises should finance through various channels, such as financial leasing and investment guarantee, which can also achieve good financing results

financial institutions have strict requirements

how can enterprises obtain financing qualifications

bright news: what are the requirements of financial institutions for energy-saving service companies before financing loans? What problems should small and medium-sized energy-saving service companies pay attention to when financing

Wang Jing: the self owned capital of the energy-saving service company cannot be less than 20% before the loan, and the trust period is within 5 years. The owner must have certain strength and can operate stably. We prefer central enterprises or listed companies, which have strong payment ability and high reputation; The business model must be clear, and the project management terms must be clear; In terms of technology, we also have several requirements for energy-saving service companies: first, the technology of energy-saving service companies is mature and stable, the energy conservation of the project can be predicted and measured, and the technology has certain complexity. Secondly, the energy-saving service company has operated at least one similar project, has the ability to resist risks, has a mature operation team, and has a good cooperative relationship with the owner. Finally, we hope that the shorter the investment period, the better. In principle, we require the future income that has formed cash flow, and the operation of energy-saving service companies has a certain stability

the key projects supported by the energy-saving loan of Bank of Beijing include boiler or kiln reconstruction, waste heat and residual pressure utilization, motor system energy conservation, etc

Zhang Kun: Generally speaking, financial leasing requires the lessee to make a down payment of more than 20%. The investment amount of equipment is generally 2million yuan to 30million yuan. The lease term is 1 to 5 years. The lessee must be a company, not an individual. The operating procedures are slightly more flexible than those of banks, but the information required is similar. For example, the company is required to be established for more than two years and have good qualifications. In addition, we should also look at the energy management contract, procurement contract, project feasibility analysis, etc. of the energy conservation service company

Cai Yuchi: from my experience, first of all, understand the energy consuming enterprises that we serve. From borrowing money to project implementation, the risk is the greatest, so we should learn to control it reasonably. If an energy-saving service company wants to successfully apply for bank financing, it must make clear the upstream and downstream relationships of the energy consuming enterprises it serves, and how the enterprise sells, so as to ensure the recovery of funds after service. The statement should be written very carefully and clearly. Secondly, we should choose the right financial institutions. This year, our company has contacted more than 20 banks, and almost all local banks in Shanghai Jinan experimental machine factory have changed the test parameters required by the experimental machine according to the requirements There are two items of data that need to be tracked in the process of changing the experimental machine: the change force value and the gauge distance change Therefore, the change experimental machine used to test the change performance must meet the following four requirements: OK, we have talked about it, but there is not much cooperation. Finally, we should determine the way and time of borrowing and lending. A little more than three years is the most appropriate loan time. The payment collection of contract energy management projects is generally three years, and it will definitely not come back in the short term

in addition, the company should also have its own evaluation team, which can evaluate a project from sales, technology, market, finance and other aspects to ensure that the project is feasible

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