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Promote the landing of "smart city" and open the life of "smart Beijing"

on August 22, the launch conference of the second China Mobile cup smart Beijing competition was successfully held in Beijing. Leaders of the Publicity Department of the Beijing Municipal Party committee, the economic and Information Technology Commission, the science and Technology Commission, the Zhongguancun Management Committee and other relevant committees and offices attended the launch conference. In 2013, 153 cities across the country have passed the smart city construction approval, and the smart life is getting closer and closer to us. How to make the smart city construction land is not only the concern of the people, but also the concern of the government and enterprises. The smart Beijing competition is held against this background. At the right time, it will provide more ideas for the construction of smart cities in China; At the same time, this competition focuses on the field of people's livelihood services in the construction of smart Beijing. It is more grounded, and will certainly promote the development of relevant strategic emerging industries and accelerate the pace of the construction of smart Beijing

the kick-off meeting was presided over by zhangjianning, Secretary General of Zhongguancun IOT industry alliance. At the kick-off meeting, Morris, New Jersey, USA - Honeywell (NYSE: HON) today announced that its spectrum shield bulletproof material was adopted by reed composite solutions (RCS), a leading composite solutions provider, and used as a key ingredient in the bulletproof plate products recently launched by RCS. Secretary Tian Limin Wang Jianping, head of the strategic research department of the software and integrated circuit promotion center of the Ministry of industry and information technology, and Tong Tengfei, deputy director of the Beijing Economic and Information Technology Commission, delivered speeches respectively. Liudonghua, vice president of Beijing software and information service exchange, introduced in detail the overall plan and application requirements of this competition

this competition will solicit excellent demonstration applications and solutions from enterprises from all walks of life to provide information and intelligent services for the public, including basic public services, transportation information services, food safety information services, tourism and cultural information services, smart communities, smart homes, etc. The competition will last for more than three months. The participating projects will first pass the preliminary evaluation of experts, select 60 shortlisted projects, and receive the closed guidance of the competition tutor group to improve the projects and make the projects more in line with the actual needs; The winners of each award will be finally selected through the sub race roadshow, public evaluation, comprehensive evaluation and other links. Projects with excellent demonstration applications and excellent solutions will be rewarded in different forms. In addition, qualified excellent start-ups can also give priority to the angel investment of 1million yuan, so that good projects can be implemented and serve the people's livelihood. The smart Beijing competition is not only a competition, but also an opportunity for enterprises to learn and grow, so that more enterprises can contribute their wisdom to the construction of smart Beijing

compared with the first competition last year, this competition has four new highlights:

first, the combination of expert evaluation and sub competition. This competition has added an interactive level, including one expert preliminary evaluation, six sub competition evaluation, and one expert comprehensive evaluation. Expert evaluation and interaction are interspersed in the whole process of the competition, making the whole competition lively and dynamic

secondly, the closed guidance of the tutor group is combined with the road show of the sub competition. The evaluation of the six sub games adopts the way of project roadshows and expert comments, and adds an afternoon of closed tutor group counseling, so as to get rid of simple evaluation and effectively help the enterprise grow

third, evaluation and experience exchange should be integrated to mobilize the enthusiasm of participants. In the form of competition evaluation, we will strengthen the exchanges between the commissions and offices and the districts and counties, so as to mobilize the enthusiasm of the commissions and offices and the districts and counties in the process of building a smart Beijing

Fourth, Beijing should combine with national exchanges to expand its influence. If possible, invite the competent information departments of other provinces and cities and high-tech parks to participate in all links of the smart Beijing competition, participate in the experience sharing and exchange of smart Beijing construction, and take this opportunity to build a publicity platform to expand the influence of the smart Beijing brand

China Mobile cup smart Beijing competition is co sponsored by Zhongguancun IOT industry alliance, Beijing software and information service exchange, Zhongguancun mobile Internet industry alliance, Zhongguancun cloud computing industry alliance, Beijing informatization Association, Beijing Software Industry Association, Beijing Communication Information Association and other social organizations. It is held at the Beijing Municipal Commission of economic informatization, the Publicity Department of the municipal Party committee, the Municipal Science and Technology Commission, the Zhongguancun Management Committee Under the guidance of the municipal informatization expert advisory committee, the integrated circuit promotion center of the Ministry of industry and information technology and other units, and with the support of China Mobile Communications Group Beijing Co., Ltd., Datang Telecom Technology Co., Ltd., Feitian Chengxin Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing MaBang Photoelectric Instrument Co., Ltd., and other enterprises. The competition is an important activity organized around the construction of smart Beijing in order to implement the strategic deployment of informatization development at the 18th CPC National Congress

as a telecom operator that has always strongly supported the construction of smart Beijing, China Mobile Group Beijing company not only provided title sponsorship support for this competition, but also officially signed a strategic partnership agreement with Kunlun Haian, times Lingyu, weijingxing, xinlianda technology, Beike Everbright, Tongfang industry and other companies selected by the first smart Beijing competition at this kick-off meeting, We hope to carry out more in-depth cooperation with our partners in the construction of smart Beijing by opening the platform resources of mobile operators

the first China Mobile cup smart Beijing competition held in November 2012 explored and found a number of smart pearls, dug out many excellent solutions and excellent demonstration applications, and selected 10 excellent demonstration application awards, 10 excellent solution awards and 10 outstanding contribution awards. Make the public deeply understand the convenience of smart Beijing application. At the same time, the competition promotes the scale application of solutions and promotes the innovative achievements of smart Beijing construction. The award-winning project scheme has made outstanding contributions to alleviating the problems in Beijing in terms of transportation, health care, social security and so on. For example, the pedestrian navigation service system for public transport travelers provides comprehensive, real-time, convenient and humanized services for public travel, and effectively solves the basic map data of public transport city construction; Wehealth wireless develops 7 kinds of fibers compounded with conventional chemical fibers and 7 kinds of fiber remote monitoring and health management systems compounded with special fibers. It aims at the elderly, people with mobility difficulties and other people, and realizes comprehensive community health services such as remote health monitoring and chronic disease management, so as to alleviate the difficulty of seeing a doctor for the elderly population in Beijing

this year's competition will continue to focus on the field of people's livelihood services in the construction of smart Beijing with the purpose of implementing the smart Beijing platform for action and the division of key tasks in smart Beijing. From now on, it will solicit entries for the society. See the official website of the competition for details: welcome all enterprises to actively participate in, and jointly participate in the topic discussion of sina Weibo # smart Beijing competition # to imagine the new life of smart Beijing

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