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Solve several false faults of inkjet printer by yourself

inkjet printer is a very important part of home office system or unit information system. It is one of the important output devices in computer system. It is precisely because in the usual office system, inkjet printers are used more frequently, so inkjet printers are also known to have more chances of failure

inkjet printer is a very important part of home office system or unit information system. It is one of the important output devices in computer system. It is precisely because in the normal office system, the inkjet printer is used more frequently, so the inkjet printer has more chances of failure. If you are a careful person and have time to summarize the faults that have occurred in the inkjet printer, you will find that there are some false faults hidden in these numerous faults. Of course, I want to state in advance here that the false fault refers to that the ink-jet printer cannot work normally not because of the damage of the hardware in the ink-jet printer, but because of the improper software setting or the wrong concept of the user's personal understanding, and that the current ink-jet printer cannot work is definitely a fault

false fault 1: the color printed is inconsistent with the color displayed on the screen. This false fault is actually a color deviation phenomenon. If the color printed by your inkjet printer is inconsistent with the color displayed on the screen, it indicates that there is a color deviation in inkjet printing. The main reason for this phenomenon is that the software settings are improper, or the printer driver version is too large, or each user has made some inappropriate settings in the printing software settings. If the above fault causes are eliminated, we should learn to correct the screen display and the actual printing effect. Different printing software has different specific correction methods. The author suggests that when printing is normal, open the printer option of common software and record the settings at this time; When there is any fault in the future, you don't have to bother to analyze the cause, and you can solve the problem easily after restoring to the previous settings.

false fault 2: when the ink indicator shows that there is still ink, there is no ink when printing. Now there are ink status indicators on the control panel of inkjet printers. Through this indicator, users can judge whether the ink in the printer has been used up, so as to replace the ink in time. So why is there no ink when printing when the ink indicator shows that there is still ink? Many people suspect that the ink nozzle may be blocked, while others believe that other parts of the printer may have failed. In fact, the occurrence of this false fault is related to the user's settings. Generally speaking, the user should set the printer to the most economical state when using the ink cartridge for the first time. The number of used ink cartridges that can be reused may vary. As for the cost, it mainly depends on the type of printing when you first use it. If you set photo paper when you first load the ink cartridge, in fact, you only print a few photos, then the program often calculates more ink usage; If you set it to the most economical state at the beginning, the program may calculate less ink consumption, and the ink indicator will still show that there is still ink left in the printer when the ink has actually been used up

false fault 3: the printer does not respond when clicking the print command. If the printer cannot be started after you click the print command in the software, you will definitely suspect that the printer has a major failure. Although the printer is used frequently and has a high probability of minor defects, we should firmly believe that it is rare for the printer to have such a major problem without any response. After all, the printer is a high-tech electronic product. Of course, most of the people who suspect that the printer is faulty are junior users of those printers. They did not pay much attention to the details of some basic operations, which led to improper operation and caused failure, so they thought that the printer had failed. The author once encountered the phenomenon that the printer could not respond. Later, he found that many tasks were waiting in the printer's print queue, that is, there were many tasks waiting in the printer's cache. If he clicked the print command again at this time, the print cache could not accept the new print tasks. Finally, the phenomenon was that the printer did not respond. The simplest way to solve the false fault proposed by this plan is to restart the computer, because the contents in the printer cache are automatically lost after restarting the computer

false fault 4: some functions of inkjet cannot be used. Nowadays, the functions of ink-jet printers are emerging in endlessly. New printers have changed in hardware equipment or software system. If users are confused, they may think that the printer has failed. For example, some printers now have image printing function or poster printing function, under which the printer can achieve high printing effect. But if primary users do not know this feature, when printing images or posters with other printing methods, the printing effect will become very poor, so that you may think that the printer has color deviation failure or the ink quality is not good! In addition, different printers that build powerful technical teams have different positions of keys with the same function on the printer control panel. If you find this function at a certain position in a printer, but you don't find the corresponding function at the same position in another printer, don't say casually, how can this printer even have this function! In addition, if the printer is not set correctly, it may also be considered that some functions of the printer cannot be used

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