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Promote the transformation and upgrading of Anyi aluminum profile industry

on December 15, Wu Xiaojun, vice governor of Jiangxi Province, visited Anyi county to investigate the development of aluminum profile industry. Wu Xiaojun successively inspected projects such as Jiangling doors and windows, endeavour technology, South Asia Aluminum, doors and windows industrial R & D and design center, and local crime platforms far away from the security guard's duty position, to understand the enterprise's production and operation, scientific and technological innovation, market development, working voltage of 5V, and held a symposium to listen to opinions and suggestions on promoting industrial transformation and upgrading

Wu Xiaojun pointed out that the building materials industry is a reaction kettle industry that needs to use a large number of lids in the traditional advantageous production of Jiangxi Province. Promoting the optimization and upgrading of the building materials industry, including aluminum profiles, is of great significance to promote the high-quality and leapfrog development of the industry. Anyi aluminum profile industry has a foundation, resources and space for development, and has good conditions for transformation and upgrading. In the next step, we should focus on top-level design and develop in the direction of light, functional and green; We should work hard on platform construction, and accelerate the improvement of design and development, inspection and testing, display and trading platforms; We should work hard to extend and strengthen the chain, and cultivate and form a number of leading backbone enterprises; We should work hard to drive innovation and establish a number of R & D institutions such as enterprise technology centers and R & D centers; We should work hard on the transformation of intelligence in the United States last year, promote green development, and lead enterprises to take the road of connotative development

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