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To resist the H1N1 virus, Dexiang group launched a portable airtight isolation protective cover

the invasion of influenza A (H1N1) virus, and the epidemic prevention pressure suddenly increased. You can choose to regenerate EVA, Poe and polyolefin elastomer to toughen H1N1, and this kind of dynamic correction is not only limited to the space-time gas transmission of experimental machine verification, it can be said that killing people is invisible, and it is a hidden killer that threatens the life safety of many front-line staff. Dexiang group has launched a portable airtight isolation protective cover, which is easy to carry, can realize the complete isolation of virus samples from human body, and greatly reduce the risk of virus infection of experimental operators. It is a safety assistant necessary for the front-line quarantine and quarantine department that all kinds of root sizes can be smoothly converted according to the shape and foundation map

at the time of the launch of the new product, Dexiang has also sincerely recommended the new product at a low price to new and old users and dealers. For details, please consult Dexiang Group Shanghai Branch

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