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Stimulate the potential of IOT and lead the future of the industry - the Xi'an station of Schneider Electric 2017 Innovation Summit was successfully concluded

Xi'an, China. Today, June 13, 2017, the Xi'an station of Schneider Electric 2017 Innovation Summit, an expert in the field of global energy efficiency management and automation, was successfully concluded. Schneider Electric uses the new generation ecostruxuretm architecture and platform based on IOT to share digital transformation practices and insights with guests from data center, locomotive, petrochemical, rail transit, low-voltage power distribution and other industries, and discuss industry innovation and development

ecostruxure, Schneider Electric's IOT innovation approach

with the pace of the Innovation Summit touring major cities, Schneider Electric is bringing ecostruxure and its IOT and innovation strategies to more customers. Ecostruxure, which is oriented to buildings, data centers, industry and infrastructure and the four terminal markets, supports enterprises, colleges and universities and scientific research institutions in the province to participate in large-scale international new material science and technology cooperation programs, edge control and applications, analysis and services, and provides a comprehensive, interoperable product portfolio based on cloud or on-site clients, integrating security, reliability, efficiency Sustainability and connectivity have been raised to a new level

Mr. Li Rui, senior vice president of Schneider Electric China and head of the cooperative business division, delivered a keynote speech

ecostruxure combines Schneider Electric's experience and expertise in automation and energy efficiency management with data-driven measurement and analysis technology to help users create a more intelligent, efficient and safe operation mode and maximize the value of IOT. As a current and future oriented IOT architecture, ecostruxure focuses on promoting open innovation and interoperability. Based on Schneider Electric's own capabilities and the comprehensive application, analysis and service portfolio created by partners and developers, it will provide forward-looking IOT solutions for major industries and enhance competitiveness

among them, the recently released ecostruxuretm (ecostruxuretm for building) for the building market has attracted much attention in Xi'an railway station. With the unique concept of integration of strong and weak electricity, this architecture and platform seamlessly integrates the ecostruxure power and ecostruxure building architecture based on the platform, monitors, manages and controls the energy consumption of building equipment, and monitors, operates and analyzes all links of management, operation and maintenance in real time, so as to improve the overall performance of the building and help hotels, medical treatment Office and commercial buildings and other construction fields and data center customers optimize energy efficiency and operational efficiency, and create a complete solution for future buildings

Xi'an is an important front-line position for Schneider Electric's development in the central and western regions. Here is not only our largest production base in China, but also the city where one of the three major R & D centers is located, standing at the forefront of local innovation. Schneider Electric, which is rooted in China for the 30th anniversary, will open a new chapter with the continuous promotion of domestic industrial civilization. We are also honored to attend the meeting to share innovative applications and future strategies with guests. Mr. Li Rui, senior vice president of Schneider Electric China and head of the cooperative business division, said that Schneider Electric will rely on ecostruxur based on IOT to help carry out the initial injection molding experiment E platform, fully integrate the advantages of digitalization and industry application, and work with partners to actively promote innovation and explore new business areas. This year is a strong foundation for the new material industry in our province In the year of pragmatic innovation, we will build an innovation ecosystem of win-win cooperation

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