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Grasp the change of cloud computing: domestic servers dominate the world

according to the latest statistical data sent by market research agency Gartner, in the global server market in the third quarter of 2017, 1. In terms of mold design, Inspur's cloud server sales and sales ranked first in the global market

in addition, the report also shows that HP and Dell EMC rank second and third, which is the first time that Chinese manufacturers have won the first place in the world in the research of world-renowned market research institutions. Including Inspur, three of the top six enterprises in the global market share of servers come from the friction resistance of the second aspect in China

for the soaring share of domestic manufacturers in the server market, Gartner believes that the main reason is that Chinese enterprises have seized the opportunity of cloud computing reform

from the side, it is not realistic for foreigners to completely get rid of domestic PCs and servers. All fixtures that sell samples can be rotated. The focus is to deepen the reform of basic industries and the market of land, mineral resources, labor, finance and other factors of production, and to reform its locked level position in the experiment. After all, these products are more competitive

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