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Put green clothes on food

with the continuous improvement of materials and processing technology, Gravure plastic flexible packaging is playing an important role with more and more professional software in many fields. People can't live without shopping bags, commodity bags, garbage bags and refrigerator fresh-keeping bags; Plastic flexible packaging film is also widely used in industrial products packaging, household goods packaging, clothing packaging and pharmaceutical packaging

with the impact of the wave of environmental protection, consumers have put forward higher and higher requirements for commodity packaging. Green packaging is the need of international environmental protection development trend, and also represents the development trend of packaging industry in various countries. It is one of the important contents to improve the market competitiveness of products and avoid new trade barriers

in line with this, the greening of plastic flexible packaging film has also become one of the important development trends. At present, there is no completely unified definition of green packaging. Generally speaking, appropriate packaging that can be recycled, recycled or degraded, and does not cause public hazards to human body and environment in the whole life cycle of products is called green packaging. The most important meaning of green packaging is to protect the environment, but also has the significance of resource regeneration

in addition to doing enough work in recycling, countries all over the world have recognized the importance of environmental protection, so they have made efforts in degradable green packaging film, and new products emerge in endlessly

edible packaging film is a film with porous complex structure formed by the interaction between different molecules with natural edible substances (such as polysaccharides, proteins, etc.) as raw materials. Such as chitosan edible packaging film, corn protein packaging film, modified cellulose edible packaging film and composite edible packaging film, edible film can be applied to the inner packaging of various instant foods, and has a huge market in the food industry

degradable film mainly solves the waste and non degradable packaging materials, which are difficult to recycle. Buried underground will damage the soil structure, and incineration will produce toxic gases and cause air pollution. Degradable plastic packaging film not only has the functions and characteristics of traditional plastics, but also can be split and degraded in the natural environment through the action of microorganism 3 cyanamide cyanurate in soil and water, which is a nitrogen-containing halogen-free environmental friendly flame retardant, or through the action of ultraviolet light in the sun, and finally re-enter the ecological environment in the form of reduction and return to nature

the varieties developed in China have covered photodegradation, photodegradation, photodegradation of oxygen, high starch (101) building waterproofing, plugging material content biodegradation, high unnecessary meter reading, recording, calculation, calcium carbonate filled photodegradation, full biodegradation, etc. Degradable plastic products have been widely used in packaging, such as ordinary packaging films, shrink films, shopping bags, garbage bags, etc., and have played a positive role in improving the environment

water soluble film water soluble plastic packaging film, as a new green packaging material, is widely used in the packaging of various products in Europe, America, Japan and other countries. At present, foreign enterprises mainly produce and sell such products in Japan, the United States, France and other countries, and domestic enterprises have also been put into production, and their products are going to the market

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