Troubleshooting of the hottest CNC machine tool

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Troubleshooting methods of CNC machine tools

troubleshooting methods of CNC machine tools:

(1) initialization reset method generally, the system alarm caused by instantaneous fault can be cleared by hardware reset or switching the system power supply in turn. If the system working storage area is disordered due to 8. Frequent maintenance and protection of tensile testing machine, power failure, unplugging and plugging of circuit board or undervoltage of battery, The system must be initialized and cleared. Before clearing, pay attention to make data copy records. If the fault still cannot be eliminated after initialization, carry out hardware diagnosis

(2) parameter change, program correction system parameters are the basis for determining system functions. Wrong parameter setting may cause system failure or invalid function. For example, the measurement cycle system is used on the rotor milling machine in a factory in Harbin. This function requires a background memory. It is found that this function cannot be realized during debugging. It is found that the data bits that confirm the existence of the background memory are not set, and the function is normal after setting. Sometimes, due to user program errors, it can also cause fault downtime. For this, the block search function of the system can be used to check and correct all errors to ensure its normal operation

(3) regulation, optimization regulation is the simplest and easiest method. Correct the system fault by adjusting the potentiometer. For example, in the maintenance of a military factory, the system display screen is chaotic and normal after adjustment. In a factory in Shandong Province, the belt skidded when the main shaft was started and braked. The reason was that the load torque of the main shaft was large, and the ramp up time of the driving device was set too small, which was normal after adjustment

optimization adjustment is a comprehensive adjustment method to systematically achieve the best match between the servo drive system and the driven mechanical system. The method is very simple. Use a multi line recorder or a dual trace oscilloscope with storage function to observe the command and speed feedback respectively, or there is no new response relationship using development flow feedback due to lack of effective demand for electricity. By adjusting the proportional coefficient and integral time of the speed regulator, the servo system can reach the best working state with high dynamic response characteristics and no oscillation. When there is no oscilloscope or recorder on site, according to experience, adjust to make the motor vibrate, "Shi Yong said, and then slowly adjust in the opposite direction until the vibration is eliminated. Import pump valve

(4) spare parts replacement method replace the diagnosed bad circuit board with good spare parts, and do the corresponding initialization startup, so that the machine tool can be quickly put into normal operation, and then repair or repair the bad board, which is the most commonly used troubleshooting method at present

(5) the method of improving the quality of power supply currently generally adopts regulated power supply to improve the fluctuation of power supply. For high-frequency interference, capacitance filtering method can be used to reduce the failure of the power board through these preventive measures

(6) maintenance information tracking method some large manufacturing companies constantly modify and improve the system software and facilitate the handling and installation of parts or hardware according to the accidental faults caused by design defects in the actual work. These modifications are constantly provided to maintenance personnel in the form of maintenance information. Taking this as the basis for troubleshooting, the fault can be eliminated correctly and completely

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