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Swagelok variable area flowmeter can provide customized calibration

Swagelok variable area flowmeter (VAF) is the latest member of a wide range of Swagelok fluid system components. Swagelok flowmeter uses conical tubes and floats to measure the flow of liquid and gas. The scale is calibrated separately, and the measurement accuracy. The price of recycled waste plastic is much cheaper than the rising price of plastic raw materials in recent years, and the adjustment ratio is up to 10:1. All Swagelok VAF have been calibrated and calibrated in the factory according to the specific medium, flow range and static compression experiment to provide reference accuracy for material performance research and packaging buffer design. In addition, the product can also be calibrated and calibrated according to the specific application of customers

Doug Nordstrom, market manager of analytical instruments at Swagelok, said, "our customers require us to provide more products to meet their needs, and VAF is the first choice." Nordstrom explained, "now, customers can choose products from a wide range of vafs and calibrate them according to their application needs, which is very important."

in fact, there are 10 types of Swagelok variable cross-section flowmeters with glass or metal measuring tubes for customers to choose from. Swagelok G series flowmeter adopts glass measuring tube, and users can directly read process data and flow on the flowmeter. There are also a small glass tube flowmeter and a glass tube flowmeter with plastic termination. Swagelok M series flowmeter adopts metal measuring tube and mechanical or electronic display, which can be used in harsh working conditions of pressure or temperature. All types of flow meters are easy to install, and there is no easy to wear parts to use later parts, so the product life is long

Swagelok VAF can be equipped with 1/8 to 1 1/4 inch NPT termination and flange termination. The options available are: large/small flow indicators, transistor relays, 4 to 20mA analog outputs

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