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Sweden athome/Nordic Omer npb788 wall breaking cooking machine how to use the feeling Review

Sweden nathome/Nordic Omer npb788 wall breaking cooking machine heating household multi-function mixer

Swedish brand creates a non stick pot technology independent heating system

say, I use this wall breaking cooking machine to feel as follows: I have studied the wall breaking machine for a long time, catch up with the activities and start quickly. The machine and the sent Shuangli frying pan are very tall, I tried watermelon juice. It was really good. Even the seeds were broken. It tasted good, but the sound was too shocking. My baby kept shouting and afraid; After trying to make meat stuffing, it took 8 seconds to make it. Energy efficiency, environmental protection and product quality must be comprehensively considered, but my mother thought I was too careful; Now it is used to make soybean milk every day. The breakfast of the whole family is easy to get, but the time is longer than expected, which takes half an hour. Other things also show its uniqueness. Compared with the electronic universal experimental machine, the function of the electro-hydraulic servo universal experimental machine above 30t still needs to be further developed. Ha 4. After the experiment, the experimental machine itself and its surrounding environment should be cleared in time. In general, it is worth buying Expand to view detailed evaluation

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