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Swedish experts developed a new type of packaging material

experts from Swedish Aklin company developed a new type of packaging material. The cost of this material is low, and its raw material is mainly a natural substance with huge reserves. Under the sunlight, this material will melt and disappear in a few hours, and it is beneficial to the soil

the tip of the new diamond scratch needle contacts the test piece type packaging material, which is made of 70% chalk and 30% polyolefin. It is similar to traditional plastic in appearance and feel, but it is not plastic. According to the test, this material is as strong as glass and as tough as rubber. It has been used for more than 10 years. It can become an ideal substitute for plastic, cardboard and aluminum packaging, and the price is cheaper, because its main component chalk is abundant all over the world, and a large number of it exists on the surface and shallow strata, It is much cheaper to mine than the wire change experimental machine of synthetic plastics and other packaging materials (such as cardboard) to measure the ability of metal wires to withstand plastic deformation in one-way or two-way changes, and to show the surface and internal shortcomings of wires to establish an innovative value chain

bottles, yogurt cups and candy wrapping paper made of this material are biodegradable, which is conducive to environmental protection. Its decomposed carbonate can reduce the acidity of soil

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