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SV2000 water-based printing folding and pasting machine

normal> Magui SV2000 water-based printing folding and pasting machine has 3-inch cast iron side frame structure, induction quenching gear structure, heavy-duty bearings (rollers) and rollers, linear bearings on horizontal folding shafts, PC operation control and ward front edge paper feeder

normal> other important standard configurations include vacuum paperboard transmission system, brushless digital price registration within reasonable limits, WMS four non-metallic container doctor blade system, one-to-one longitudinal cutting indentation unit, vacuum folding paste box unit, ward lower stack counting ejector and many configurations to improve production safety

normal> in addition to many configurations, the machine has many optional configurations. Customers can customize products to better meet various production needs. Magui SV2000 directly cooperates with the brand concrete pressure testing machine 1, which generally adopts a 200 ton experimental force business, and provides support for its purchase and selection of fabric manufacturers. These two measures include water-based printing folding box pasting machine with a variety of sizes (inches):/2x96; 50113; 66x113/115/156 and jumbo 19000 75 x 185

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