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Sweden Gotland 2300 meter Lane roller coaster "visbo" launched

Guangzhou shipbuilding international for the full transfer switch should be turned to the "loading" gear ball. The 1600 passenger/2300 meter Lane dual fuel luxury roller coaster "visbo" built by Sweden Gotland shipping company, the famous roller coaster operation company, was launched. Guangzhou shipbuilding international built 164 for Gotland shipping company in Sweden, a world-famous ro ro passenger ship operation company, and the price of the fixture is several hundred yuan. It does not need to plug and unplug all kinds of control boards and plugs. The 00 passenger/2300 meter Lane dual fuel luxury ro ro passenger ship visbo was launched

this is a high-end luxury ro ro passenger ship that Guangzhou shipbuilding International Co., Ltd. has carefully built with its old owner Gotland shipping company after building and delivering the first luxury ro ro passenger ship in Asia for the first time in 2003

this luxury ro ro passenger ship has a total length of 199.99 meters, a width of 25.2 meters, a service speed of 28.5 knots, a passenger capacity of more than 1600 people, 400 vehicles, and a 2300 meter lane with two vehicle decks. Using natural gas/oil dual fuel engine with adjustable pitch propeller propulsion, it is the world's fastest, best performing, most energy-saving and environmentally friendly high-end luxury ro ro passenger ship

this type of ship includes a large number of black technologies in the current shipbuilding industry, and its four main diesel engines and four auxiliary engines adopt natural gas/oil dual fuel system. In addition, in the design process of the ship, the design and research team of Guangzhou shipbuilding international focused on solving a series of cutting-edge technical problems in the shipbuilding field, such as safe return to port, whole ship vibration, LNG system design, ship weight and center of gravity control, etc

it is understood that after the completion of this ship, its luxury will be comparable to that of super cruise ships, which can meet the needs of more than 1600 people living and entertainment on board. The ship is equipped with cinemas, supermarkets, bars and other leisure and entertainment facilities. The construction contract of this type of ship was signed in November 2014, with a total of two ships, and the single ship price is more than 1billion yuan, setting the highest record for the single ship cost of civil and offshore engineering ships undertaken by Guangzhou shipbuilding international since its establishment in 1954

it is understood that in 2003, Guangzhou shipbuilding international built and tested the speed range of 0.01 (5) 00mm/min for Gotland shipping company; Two of the most advanced luxury ro ro passenger ships in the world at that time, Visby and Gotland, were delivered. The completion of these two ships has rewritten the history that Chinese people cannot build luxury ro ro passenger ships and filled many gaps in the history of Chinese shipbuilding. However, the construction process of these two ships was extremely difficult. At that time, it was the first time that Chinese shipbuilding enterprises set foot in the construction of luxury ro ro passenger ships, and there was no precedent to follow. In order to monopolize this market, foreign competitors also tightly blocked the construction technology. Guangchuan people could only feel the stone to cross the river, learn while doing, take many detours and suffer a lot

after the delivery of these two ships, Guangzhou shipbuilding international has never given up tracking and Research on the luxury ro ro passenger ship market, and continues to maintain communication with the owner. In view of the good economic benefits and reliable performance achieved by the first two ships during operation, the owner finally proposed to rebuild two high-end luxury ro ro passenger ships in 2009, and selected Guangzhou shipbuilding international as the only partner

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