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Swiss border cities have installed link street lighting to detect traffic volume

through the use of high-precision sensors to detect traffic flow, the link street lighting device in St. Gallen, Switzerland, can significantly reduce energy consumption

local urban engineers can manage all lighting equipment in the pilot area through a web-based console. The operator can turn on or off the light, or adjust the light individually or in a designated group. At the same time, the ball screw can be adopted according to the time of day, and the lighting can be controlled with less driving power, one day of the week and/or the time of the year

at the same time, the sensor integrated in the lamp provides autonomous control by detecting late night traffic

by the end of July, OSRAM, a high-tech lighting manufacturer, and paraox engineering SA, a wireless sensor network technology company, were responsible for the pilot area. They predict that compared with traditional outdoor lighting technology, the new lighting device can save 65% energy

at present, OSRAM has provided about 60 SL20 lamps, which have been installed along the local oberstrasse street

these LED lights are connected through paradox's wireless technology

urs etter, head of public lighting of St. Gallen urban utilities, said, "the negative use of energy and available resources is very important for an innovative city like St. Gallen."

"street lighting has a direct impact on the attractiveness of cities, so on the one hand, we have been seeking the best balance to save energy, emissions and money, on the other hand, to ensure the quality of life and public safety."

"we have been investing in LED system for many years, and we are proud to adopt this dynamic intelligent lighting solution, which will further improve our sustainability. 3. There is an experimental space to adjust the performance of institutions."

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