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SVW has built three sets of high-level vinylon staple fiber devices

recently, phase I of the vinylon product technology upgrading project of Sinopec Sichuan Vinylon plant was completed and put into operation, and the first batch of products were successfully exported

according to the introduction, SVW vinylon product technology upgrading project will build 10 production lines by stages. The total investment of the project is about 600million yuan. The first phase of the project was started in June 2011 and put into operation in November 2012. A set of 1500 T/a tensile testing machine with a jaw distance of 50mm3s low-temperature water-soluble special fiber, 3000 t/a high-strength high modulus fiber and 5000 t/A medium temperature water-soluble fiber production lines have been built

these three sets all adopt the patented technology independently developed by SVW, and the 3S low-temperature water-soluble special fiber device adopts the patented technology of gel spinning. At present, only one Japanese company and SVW have this technology in the world, representing the highest level of low-temperature water-soluble fiber spinning technology in the world. The high-strength and high modulus fiber device adopts the high-strength and high modulus fiber spinning technology, which has significant innovation in spinning, drying, heat treatment technology and other aspects, and the process technology and product quality have reached the world-class level. The medium and high temperature water-soluble fiber device adopts the high-capacity wet spinning technology. The decorative parts made of PP material by the process package technology are mature and reliable when they are assembled or subjected to twists, impacts and other external forces. The process technology and product quality are at the domestic leading level. 80% believe that the first reason for their departure at the beginning is the lack of a fair competition environment in the original enterprise

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