Discussion on thermoplastic elastomer coating mate

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Talking about thermoplastic elastomer coating material

many applications, especially the parts in contact with human skin, require the coating material to have a certain degree of flexibility and low hardness. Therefore, the market demand for new thermoplastic elastomers with high flexibility and good adhesion at the same time. According to ouyangming, the lead screw drives the middle beam to move up and down to transfer more and more load

by combining thermoplastic elastomer TPE with rigid substrate through coating molding technology, it can not only make the surface of products full of softness, but also increase the functionality and added value of products, such as noise reduction, shock absorption, waterproof, anti-collision, anti-skid, comfort, etc., including the automotive industry, small and medium-sized electronics and home appliance manufacturing industry

Asia Pacific International tpet55 series and ABS, PC, pc/abs, PBT, pet, PA, PP, PE, PS and other substrates have excellent coating performance, with soft elastic touch, low density without reinforcing sheet, high and low temperature resistance, and weather resistance. Asia Pacific International tpet55 series meets the technical requirements of two-color injection molding or secondary injection molding

advantages: good bonding effect, good fluidity, can be used for rapid injection molding, soft handle, earthquake resistance, anti-skid, comfortable use, good weather resistance, chemical resistance, compression deformation resistance, wide hardness range, easy coloring and easy processing

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