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Swedish cleaning ecological company launched packaging plastic that will disappear in the sun

the ecological cleaning company in helsinkburg, southern Sweden, successfully developed packaging materials that can disappear in the sun. Rosen, who developed the material, said it was eggs that inspired him

95% of the composition of eggshell is calcium carbonate. For eggs, it is an excellent packaging material, but it is easy to break. Through research, Rosen found a way to improve the natural formula. The other 5% in the eggshell is an important adhesive, which can prevent the chalk from dispersing into powder and make the eggshell harder. Rosen uses plastic polyolefins extracted from natural gas instead of natural proteins. 1. The advantages of pressure testing machine are used as adhesives. After trying different mixing proportions, Rosen accidentally found the best proportion of clean materials to form new environmental protection materials: 70% calcium carbonate and 30% polyolefin

made of clean materials 7. Strain system inspection: calibration and zeroing of extensometer: bottles, yogurt cups or candy wrapping paper with standard length can all be degraded. Leave them on the picnic table and in the sun, they will completely turn into sand in a month or two. If they are thrown into the incinerator, the remaining ash is rich in carbonate, which helps to reduce the acidity of the soil. In addition, this material has no memory. If the bottle made of clean material is crushed, it will remain crushed and will not return to its original state, taking up only a small space in the garbage dump

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