The hottest Swedish Match redesigns the packaging

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Swedish Match redesigns the packaging for general brand snuff

Swedish Match provides a new appearance for all specifications of its general brand snuff products, providing them with a more unified design

in the draft released on its website, Swedish Match said that the general brand is the best-selling snuff in Sweden and is becoming more and more popular in other countries

the brand has been launched for nearly 150 years. During this period, there have been more than 20 different packaging designs

the original formula of the general brand was developed by John A. Bowman in 1866. He chose the highest quality tobacco and added a drop of fragrant lemon oil to it

the result is a unique flavor, which defines the Swedish snuff experience, the draft mentioned

the general brand is still produced according to Bauman's basic formula, although it has evolved. At present, there are 14 products of different specifications sold in Sweden and Norway alone

consumers have higher requirements for snuff. For many years, we have been providing suitable products, said Marcus eldee, senior brand manager of general motors. However, along this direction, the design style of the product portfolio will be affected

however, elody said that the general brand is a legendary success story when the extensometer mobile arm is under force

today, Swedish matches sell more than 90million cans of snuff every year, and now they are revitalizing the design, so as to improve the quality of you5 hydraulic universal testing machine and polyethylene terephthalate pet, and explore the historical origin of the brand

he added that the new design is more suitable for the product experience

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