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"Swine flu": an unbearable burden for the Asian printing industry

swine flu: an unbearable burden for the Asian printing industry. At present, the swine flu virus that began in Mexico has killed 149 people locally and spread to the United States, Canada and Europe. In addition to the great threat to human lives, the outbreak of swine flu is undoubtedly making things worse when the global economy is in recession due to the financial tsunami. The extent of its damage depends on the power of the virus and whether countries around the world respond appropriately

however, some analysts warned that if this deadly flu broke out globally, it would seriously inhibit economic activity. In 2008, the World Bank predicted that a large-scale outbreak of influenza would cause a loss of $3trillion and reduce the global gross domestic product (GDP) by nearly 5%

the outbreak of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) in 2003 lasted six months, causing 8000 infections and 775 deaths in 25 countries. Although the outbreak of SARS in 2003 never spread into a large-scale global epidemic, it still cost an estimated $50billion. At that time, it also coincided with the world economic growth period. At present, the economic index is much lower, and I am afraid we have suffered a greater blow in the economy

the extent to which the swine flu outbreak in the field of health and epidemic prevention will damage the related industries of the global economy is not optimistic. On the 27th, the stocks of tourism industry and entertainment and leisure industry fell sharply. People can already see the potential economic damage caused by fear. The butterfly effect of swine flu should have shown its excellent performance

during the financial crisis, many export-oriented economies in Asia suffered serious damage. If the swine flu pandemic breaks out on a large scale in these countries, it will inevitably bring an incalculable blow to the tourism industry, which is precisely the pillar industry of these Asian countries. The packaging and printing industry is the most affected by the tourism crony effect. With the decline of tourism, the demand for brochures and other printed products related to tourism information will inevitably decrease sharply. Previously, due to the rise in the price of global raw materials, as well as the reduction in the export of printed products and foreign printing demand caused by the financial crisis, the printing industry in most Asian countries has been in danger. Once the swine flu strikes, The printing industry will suffer internal injuries. The future of the printing industry in Asia is really uncertain under domestic and foreign difficulties

the author believes that in the face of the threat of large-scale epidemic caused by the outbreak of swine flu in Mexico, governments around the world must face it carefully. At present, a real sense of urgency is needed not only to prepare the medical system to cope with the slowdown in the supply tension that makes it a pump vanadium and some other excellent options for utilization, but also the worst case. In addition, we must avoid public panic and overreaction, rebuild courage and confidence in facing life, and avoid disease. 2. Stress testing machine measurement precautions cause greater damage

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