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Swan spreads its wings and brightens China -- brand strategy analysis of Hubei Swan coating and Chemical Co., Ltd.

Swan spreads its wings and brightens China -- brand strategy analysis of Hubei Swan coating and Chemical Co., Ltd.

January 16, 2003

after more than a decade of rapid development, China's coating industry has formed a diversified pattern of hundreds of flowers competing and thousands of schools competing. It is obvious to all that private enterprises occupy most of the market with their mighty prestige; Foreign brands are going deep into the hinterland and entering the mass market from the high-end market to win a larger share; Most state-owned enterprises are increasingly difficult to support, and some old brands have even been eaten, and have disappeared since then. Some experts commented that the coating industry is one of the industries that have been tested by the market earlier in China. In the throes and development of more than a decade, its brand has been ups and downs, ups and downs, which has highlighted the cruelty of industry competition

however, Hubei Swan coating Chemical Co., Ltd. has brought spring to the struggling state-owned coating enterprises. This 50 year old state-owned enterprise is pragmatic, enterprising, integrity-based, and will always create a first-class fatigue testing machine. Its characteristics are that it can achieve high load, high frequency, and low consumption,

effectively implement the brand strategy, and make the "Swan" brand a gold lettered signboard renowned in the automotive industry

from "sales service" to "service sales"

from sales service to service sales is a major change in the concept of Swan people in implementing brand strategy. This transformation is based on the focus on customer needs. The behavioral changes brought about by this change are to determine the customer demand as the focus of the enterprise's production and operation, and to turn the "one link" of the past external sales service into the "all-round" service sales of the enterprise. This makes Swan brand more comprehensive and excellent internal texture, and more irresistible

how to realize all-round service sales? The answer is to establish an innovative mechanism. Through this mechanism, we can stimulate the creativity of

people and realize the scientificity of management. Among them, the core reform is to closely focus on the marketing work of the enterprise,

break the previous divide and conquer pattern that the technical department only cares about technology and the sales department only cares about sales, and establish a cross departmental and multi-functional

"joint fleet", so as to promote the shift and speed-up of sales in yingtongling relying on industrial advantages. A deputy general manager is responsible for its procurement, technology and sales, and implements the serialization management of procurement sales technical services. The "sales contract" and the dynamic assessment system

have promoted the marketing work. At the same time, the management is moving towards modernization, and the application of e-commerce has built a fast channel for the collection of market information, scientific decision-making and the delivery of supply and marketing

the service sales concept has brought at least three major changes to Swan Company: first, the cost of raw materials has been greatly

reduced through quality and price comparison procurement, and bulk raw materials have been purchased from the source, making the first-time qualification rate of procurement reach more than 98%. This directly reduces the product cost. Second, it has changed the previous state of disconnection between technology and production, technology and sales, technology and after-sales service. Every variety has technicians and competent engineers involved in the whole process of production, sales and service, and their income is linked to benefits. This greatly ensures the quality of products and greatly improves the technical content and grade of after-sales service. Third, the vitality of the salesperson has increased greatly. The mechanism of heavy rewards and punishments has stimulated the potential of the team, which has continuously expanded the sales radius of Swan products

In this regard, the decision-makers of swan company said that the key to building a brand with high market awareness is to practice internal skills. Swan Company is taking sales as a breakthrough to rectify every channel that affects the brand, so that the channel can flow smoothly and converge into a brand effect as magnificent as a river

from "Swan" to "flying car"

If a well-known brand is regarded as a "cornucopia" to be enjoyed forever, then this brand will inevitably become a "mud basin" or "earthen pot" that is worthless, and eventually disappear from the market. Therefore, brand building must be treated from the perspective of development. This is Swan people's brand view

in fact, Swan brand coating has formed a certain influence in China in the early years. Among them, 12 products have won 21

ministerial and provincial excellent titles, and 34 new products have won 17 provincial and municipal scientific and technological progress awards. The company is also one of the key backbone enterprises in the national coating industry, and was once listed as the largest 200 enterprises in Hubei Province and one of the largest 500 chemical enterprises in China, Swan brand paint was named as a famous brand product by Hubei provincial government. Until the late 1990s, swan

talents suddenly found that the past glory was no longer, product sales fell, the market shrank, and the production and operation of enterprises were in trouble

after deep reflection, swan people realized that brands are like people. If they don't want to make progress, they will inevitably decline. 1998

became a watershed in the development history of this enterprise. A new leading group full of vitality and strategic vision took office, and the enterprise was restructured. At the same time, a brand-new enterprise brand strategy was launched. In only threeorfour years, Swan brand

Products revived, and at the same time, another "flying car" brand was cultivated

with the recovery of Swan brand and the leap from "Swan" to "flying car", swan people rely on the magic wand of technological innovation. Technological innovation brings about the continuous innovation of products. Since 1999, several new products have been launched every year. For example, the comprehensive test run and successful operation of cathodic electrophoretic paint, white and yellow acrylic road marking


paint, acrylic metal flash paint, acrylic wheel hub special flash paint, quick drying acrylic anti-corrosion paint, silicone high temperature

paint, self drying hammer paint, various colors of polyester polyurethane automotive topcoat, various colors of acrylic polyurethane automotive topcoat and other new products

have been introduced and are deeply loved by users

comparing the current "Swan" and "flying car" with the past "Swan", its brand connotation has taken a qualitative leap, which is more scientific and technological content, more personalized, and more environmental awareness. Such typical cases are too numerous to enumerate. For example, change the hardness of the car finish from the national standard 6 to above 6.5; Reduce the conventional drying time of paint film for 8 hours to less than 6 hours. For example, before the state issued the "limit standard for harmful substances in interior decoration materials

standard", their various interior wall coatings have passed the testing of the national building materials testing center, obtained the green environmental protection

product certificate,

and won the bronze medal

from the dim "Swan" to the brilliant replay, and from the "Swan" to the "flying car", we can find the most direct answer from the brand strategy of

enterprises, that is, continuous improvement and forever creating the first-class

from relying on second automobile to radiating across the country, Swan brand and second automobile (Dongfeng Motor Company) initially formed an indissoluble bond. In 1975, the state invested to expand the construction of Xiangfan paint factory (the predecessor of Hubei Swan paint Chemical Co., Ltd.) in order to better match with the second automobile. But

in other words, it is Erqi that has cultivated the Swan brand. One buyer, one seller; One is served, one is served. Fu

What's meaningful is that as a "food and clothing parent", Erqi in turn rewards its service providers. On November 18, 2002, ERW held a grand commendation ceremony in the Great Hall of the people in Beijing, in which Hubei Swan coating Chemical Co., Ltd.

was recognized as an excellent supplier and was rewarded with a Dongfeng truck. A flashing golden key was held high by a pair of hot hands for easy installation

this is the blessing that all suppliers dream of, but for Swan people, this blessing has been

more than once or twice in the past threeorfour years. From Chongqing Qingling company to Yunnan Automobile Factory, from Beijing tourist car factory to Liuzhou Automobile Factory, and to Xinjiang tractor factory, "Swan" and "flying car" are mostly inspection free products, and they are favored by users with first-class services. At a seminar on automotive paint, someone commented on "Swan" and "flying car":

under its reputation, there are two major supports: first, excellent quality, especially a strong sense of higher and stronger quality pursuit

second, a high degree of integrity to customers. This evaluation is very accurate. In fact, the banner of Swan people is "integrity is the essence and quality is the soul"

today, when "Swan" flies from northwest Hubei to all directions of the motherland and becomes a beautiful scenic spot, what she brings to people is not only looking up and marveling, but also thinking and Enlightenment on a famous brand's freshman strategy and its culture

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