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Lessebo Bruk in Sweden suspended the production of special pulp

recently, lessebo Bruk temporarily closed the lessebo pulp plant in southern Sweden, which produces special pulp. At present, the company is negotiating with workers' representatives to reduce 34 employees

terje Haglund, CEO of lessebo Bruk, explained that the announcement of layoffs was only for preventive measures. When the company faces a market downturn, it is likely to lay off staff in Norway and Finland, not Sweden. Lessebo Bruk believes that once there is a need for layoffs, negotiations on layoffs will begin

at present, the employees involved are assigned to other positions in the company, and they will not leave the pulp factory within 4 months. Haglund expects the pulp plant to restart in three to eight weeks

Haglund said that the suspension of production was due to the fact that the market for low viscosity pulp used in textiles was reported to be depressed, mainly because the export price to the Chinese market was relatively low. Now the company turns its attention to the high viscosity special slurry used in chemical industry, but it will take some time to study the regulation methods of the structure and physicochemical properties of carbon dioxide based plastics at the same time to enter the high viscosity special slurry market. Hagulnd said: we expect to have a large order soon to enable us to start producing high viscosity slurry

lessebo pulp factory produces 28000 tons of special fiber pulp, including dissolved pulp, and 42000 tons of uncoated double offset paper. At present, paper production is normal

lessebo Bruk was once called Vida paper, but the company went bankrupt last December. The newly established lessebo Bruk accepted the plant on February 18 this year. At present, the company has about 180 employees

the research team recently adopted reactive extrusion method to realize one-step green preparation of polylactic acid polyurethane elastomer

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