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Forest paper industry supports "half" of Tianlin county economy

"As the county with the largest land area in Guangxi, more than 90% of Tianlin county is Tushan. Whatever can be planted on the mountain, the key is how to rely on the market. In the past, great efforts were made to plant Chinese fir and tung oil tree, but no characteristic industry has been formed, and no better market and sales atmosphere is coming. It will form product advantages and economic advantages. How to truly transform the advantages of land resources into economic advantages is a major task for leaders at all levels in Tianlin county Topic. " Tianlin county Party Secretary huangcambridge said in an interview

in the process of developing the county economy, the leaders of Tianlin county Party committee and government re examined the county situation, created conditions, adhered to the "combination of forest and paper", took the road of forest paper industry development of Forest Pulp paper integration, extended the industrial chain, and led the development of upstream and downstream industries with leading industries, so that the people could benefit from the extension of the industrial chain. Huangcambridge said that the first production line of jindaxing paper project with an annual output of 120000 tons was put into operation in June last year, and the second production line of this year "talked about the project that won the second prize of the National Technological Invention Award in 2014 - the key technology for biological preparation of functional high molecular weight poly amino acids and the production line for industrial utilization. The company has imported equipment from Finland, with an annual output of 130000 tons of deinked pulp production line, which is expected to be put into operation at the beginning of next year. Through 10 years' efforts, Tianlin plans to make the forest paper industry reach an annual output of 600000 tons of paper and 300000 tons of chemical wood pulp, and has a 2million Mu papermaking timber forest base. At that time, Tianlin paper industry will achieve an annual industrial output value of more than 2.5 billion yuan and provide about 150million yuan in tax revenue. The forest paper industry will support "half" of Tianlin county economy

in order to expand and strengthen the forest paper industry, the county started with cultivating leading enterprises and regarded them as "ox noses". In 2000, the county introduced Guangxi jindaxing company to produce 120000 tons of paper. The county provided the former state-owned enterprises Tianlin building materials factory and the storage yard of the paper mill as workshops for the company free of charge, and set up a coordination group to provide the best service for the company. Since the first production line of the company was completed and put into operation in June last year, it has produced more than 50000 tons of paper, and its products sell well in Guangxi, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Chongqing and other places. At present, the second production line is under construction and is planned to be put into operation next year

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in terms of developing the upstream industry, Tianlin on the one hand makes every effort to build a base - papermaking timber forest base. The base construction covers 20 towns and townships in the county. They combined base construction with the implementation of the project of returning farmland to forests, and activated afforestation by mechanism. Adhering to the principle of "priority and preference", we have issued preferential policies such as the decision on preferential policies and incentive mechanism for forest management, built a platform for market-oriented operation, and introduced forest farmers into the market and the base construction while encouraging social forces to participate in afforestation. In order to ensure the demand for afforestation seedlings, the county has established 9 seedling raising areas and 22 fixed seedling raising stations, with a total area of more than 3000 mu. 50million seedlings of various types are cultivated every year to ensure the supply of seedlings throughout the year and afforestation can be carried out throughout the year

at present, the county's forest paper base has entered a period of full participation in the construction of farmers, economic talents, paper-making enterprises, units and investment promotion. For example, introduce Jinguang group to establish a 200000 Mu fast-growing forest base, with a total investment of 100million yuan. At present, 15000 mu of afforestation has been implemented? "Introduce Hengfeng Forest Paper Co., Ltd. to build a 30000 Mu forest paper base in Lucheng Township, and at present, 10000 mu has been implemented?" Hong Kong Sino group has invested more than 40million yuan to establish a 80000 Mu fast-growing Eucalyptus base. According to statistics, since its inception in 2001, the area of the forest paper base in the county has reached more than 400000 mu. On the other hand, the leaders of the county realized that the paper industry is a power consuming industry and a "power tiger". In order to provide sufficient energy for the development of forest paper industry, Tian Lin has promoted enterprise restructuring, integrated resources, driven by multiple wheels, sounded the battle drum of "paper electricity combination", done a good job in hydropower development, and strived to make the installed capacity of hydropower industry in the county reach more than 500000 kW within 3 to 5 years. At present, banla power station and Nadu power station have been put into trial production for power generation, and a number of projects such as Dongba power station, Naxin power station, Weimi power station, Ding'an power station and Baile power station are under construction in full swing

combine forestry, paper and electricity to enrich the people and the county. Huang Cambridge said that to develop the forest paper industry, extend the industrial chain, and take the road of Forest Pulp paper integration, while promoting the upstream industry, it also promotes the downstream industries such as diet and transportation, and the flow of people, logistics and capital, so as to improve the ecological environment and realize the harmonious development between man and nature, which is not only in line with Tianlin's County conditions, but also in line with the requirements of the scientific concept of development. Therefore, Tianlin will firmly adhere to this development direction, pay attention to it level by level, work one after another, do not change the lens, do not change the program, strive to expand and strengthen the "cake" of the forest paper industry, expand the county economy of Tianlin, and accelerate the new leap forward of enriching the people and rejuvenating the county

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