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Inner Mongolia forest industry group promoted the combination of forestry and paper industry. While deeply implementing the "natural forest protection project", Inner Mongolia forest industry group focused on adjustment and efficiency, and achieved enhanced ecological and operational capacity to deal with trade protectionism. In 2003, the group realized a profit and tax of 299million yuan, and in the first 11 months, it also earned foreign exchange from exports of 5.317 million US dollars. In normal>2003, Inner Mongolia Forest Industry Group continued to reduce 143000 cubic meters of timber output and reduce the sales revenue by 60million yuan, comprehensively implemented the forest resources management and protection contract system, implemented 1871 household ecological forest farms and ditch system contractors, built 667 management and protection stations, and transferred more than 22000 employees from the forest industry production front to the forest resources management and protection front. Compared with 1998, the forest coverage rate has increased by 0. This universal machine has the following features: By 7 percentage points, the forest area has increased by 79000 hectares

normal> at the same time, the group has integrated and restructured four large-scale wood-based panel factories, which have a great difference between the two instruments. It has established Genhe wood-based panel group with diversified property rights, unified brand, unified sales, and revitalized more than 600million assets. This year, it produced 170000 cubic meters of man-made panels, achieving a profit of 13million yuan, reversing the adverse situation of the whole industry loss of wood-based panels in forest areas. We have actively promoted the combination of forestry and paper. We have signed an agreement with Dongguan Nine Dragons Paper Co., Ltd. on the reconstruction and expansion of the pulp mill project, which will expand the pulp production capacity to 300000 tons per year within five years. We actively promoted the construction of large projects, and invested 101million yuan to complete the reconstruction and expansion of four projects, including 2000 tons of electrical laminated wood in Ali River and tannin extract of tannin extract company. With an investment of 141million yuan, four forest products industrial projects have been built, including solid wood furniture and 25000 ton packaging paper production line. At the same time, they included the indicators of foreign exchange earning through export, investment attraction and Russian logging in the annual assessment objectives, formulated incentive measures for internal investment attraction, and opened up a wide range of channels for investment attraction. At present, it has attracted 5.5 million US dollars of foreign funds and 39.41 million yuan of internal funds

the group also allocated 10million yuan of special funds to provide poverty relief loans to 2200 poor households to support their development of family economy. The family economic output value in the forest area has reached 449million yuan. A total of 92000 people have been resettled through various channels, including 14000 in 2003, and won the title of "no one can shake his position in the national forestry industry as an advanced collective"

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