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Exposure of market share, product capacity, production and sales volume of base paper for forest packaging rush to market

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core tip: Recently, the CSRC disclosed the prospectus for the first public offering of forest Packaging Group Co., Ltd. This means that there are many problems in the use of instruments and meters. Forest packaging has entered the stage of sprinting to the market

recently, the CSRC disclosed the prospectus for the initial public offering of forest Packaging Group Co., Ltd. This means that forest packaging has entered the stage of sprint listing

forest packaging group was established in 1998 with a registered capital of 150million and about 1800 employees

the company is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the R & D, production and sales of packaging paper and its products. Its main business is the R & D, production and sales of base paper, corrugated board and corrugated box. Its main products include base paper, corrugated board and corrugated box. The company's products are widely used in packaging manufacturing and packaging of industrial and consumer goods

in 2018, the forest packaging revenue was 2.476 billion yuan and the net profit was 269million yuan. Compared with 2017, there was a certain increase. At present, its wholly-owned subsidiaries include Taizhou Forest Paper Co., Ltd., Zhejiang forest paper industry Co., Ltd., Taizhou Forest Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., Linhai forest Packaging Co., Ltd., Wenling forest Packaging Co., Ltd. and Taizhou express envelope Technology Co., Ltd

market share of base paper, product capacity, production and sales exposure

according to the annual report of China's paper industry, the total output of carton board and corrugated base paper in China from 2016 to 2018 was 45.75 million tons, 47.2 million tons and 42.5 million tons; From 2016 to 2017, the total output of paper and paperboard above Designated Size in Zhejiang Province was 18.89 million tons and 19.11 million tons. The output of forest packaging base paper accounts for the national market share of cartons and corrugated base paper and the market share of paper and paperboard in Zhejiang Province as follows:

by the end of 2018, the market share of forest packaging corrugated paper and kraft linerboard was small, but the competitiveness was improved by integrating the industrial chain, industrial upgrading, technological innovation, opening up upstream and downstream, recycling resources, improving product quality, and strengthening cost control, Expand business scale and continuously increase market share

1. Capacity, production and sales of main products

(1) production and sales

(2) capacity utilization rate

1) during the reporting period, the capacity and output of base paper were as follows:

during the reporting period, the capacity utilization rate of the company's base paper exceeded

90%. The key factors affecting the production capacity are the vehicle speed, operation time, door width and product gram weight. The vehicle speed, operation time and door width are relatively stable, and the product gram weight is affected by the structure of forest paper products. During the reporting period, the proportion of products less than 120 g (including) in the total sales decreased from 33.50% to 22.30%, and the proportion of products more than 120 g (excluding) in the total sales increased from 66.50% to 77.70%

2) packaging products

the capacity of packaging products is calculated on the basis of the capacity of corrugated board production line, which may have a transformative impact on the economy and society. The details are as follows:

2. During the reporting period, the composition of main business income

during the reporting period, the base paper income was divided into Kraft linerboard income and corrugated base paper income, and the proportion of base paper income in the main business income of the same period was

59.12% 70.50% and

72.57% are the main sources of income of the company; Corrugated board revenue in the short-term market or consolidation and corrugated box revenue accounted for 40.60%, 29.42% and 27.28% of the company's main business revenue respectively

overall business objectives and development plans in the next few years

the popularity of personalized customization and online shopping will drive the demand for packaging paper and packaging boxes to increase significantly. With the development trend of IOT and intelligent manufacturing to obtain accurate and convincing data, the company will improve its automation and information level, synchronize with customer information, and flexibly manufacture supporting products, forming a competitive advantage of combining paper packaging and interconnection, with a wide development space. Through the implementation of fund-raising projects, forest packaging will further improve its production capacity and expand its market share. Some future development plans are as follows:

1. Equipment upgrading and capacity expansion plan

on the basis of existing business, the company will carry out technical transformation of production lines, update advanced equipment, promote product upgrading and improve production efficiency. At the same time, vigorously invest in environmental protection equipment such as energy conservation and emission reduction, improve environmental protection capacity, reduce pollutant emissions, further enhance market competitiveness and expand market share

2. Establish an information fusion plan for the Internet packaging customization platform and production

the company pays attention to the multi batch and small batch business needs of small and medium-sized enterprises in various industries in southern Zhejiang, develops a paper packaging customization platform, and provides semi standardized products with certain materials and specifications. Users can select, design, quote and place orders on the platform. The company's information system is directly connected with the Internet customization platform, The production workshop can integrate resources for centralized production according to the collected order requirements, introduce advanced digital ink-jet printing equipment for flexible on-demand production, and print two-dimensional codes on the packaging, establish a background database cloud service system integrating packaging production, logistics traceability, anti-counterfeiting information query, improve the information transmission between customers and end users, and improve the company's value-added service capability. The company's automated production system will be interconnected with the financial system, human resources, production planning, warehousing and logistics and the customized platform. Through the interconnection, data will be transmitted in time to gradually realize the intelligent factory

3. Packaging design and industry solution plan

(1) the company will gradually transform from "production by sample" to "providing overall packaging solutions" in packaging value-added services, understand customer product characteristics, provide customers with "safer protection, more comprehensive publicity, more convenient storage and transportation, and more optimized cost" overall packaging services, and consider the needs of environmental protection recycling after packaging removal

(2) the company will simulate the impact damage of products during stacking and transportation by combining the characteristics of the customer's industry and various simulation test equipment in the ISTA Laboratory of the company's R & D center according to the impact of the end-user's destination, storage and transportation mode, storage and transportation time, turnover times, climate change and other factors on the paper packaging, and carry out functional design such as cushioning and moisture-proof for the packaging

(3) the company's packaging products will be effectively combined with the customer's product specification and shape design, saving packaging materials and storage and transportation space, and reducing packaging and logistics costs

4. Green printing and environmental protection plan

in the future, we will continue to introduce digital ink-jet printing equipment, use water-based ink to achieve green printing, vigorously promote the ecological and lightweight packaging design concept, implement environmental impact assessment in terms of material selection, packaging methods, storage and transportation forms, product use and waste disposal, implement the requirements of environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction, continue to increase investment in environmental protection and improve the overall level of environmental protection

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