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According to the latest statistical data of chemical talents under the League of excellence, as of August, the number of jobs released by chemical enterprises in all regions showed an increasing trend month on month, with a growth rate of 4.3%. Generally speaking, the demand for talents in the industry basically showed a sustained growth in August, especially in the Yangtze River Delta region with regional advantages, the number of Posts released increased by 5.4% month on month

in view of the talent demand in the Yangtze River Delta, markussteilem, a member of the board of directors and chief commercial officer of kestrow, said that the trend of continuous growth was developing. On September 19, chemical talents held the "31st networking recruitment special meeting for president of the Yangtze River Delta chemical industry". A total of 56 chemical enterprises participated in the job fair, which launched 237 popular jobs and attracted thousands of job seekers

technical personnel continue to be the "leader", and operators also have certain needs

the demand for technical personnel in this recruitment fair is the largest, accounting for more than half of the recruitment positions, including product engineer, process engineer, instrument control engineer, production process engineer, chemical process engineer, water treatment engineer, chemical process design engineer, R & D Engineer and other technical positions, such as Zoomlion Technology Co., Ltd Ningbo Guangbo nano new materials Co., Ltd., Green Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Zhejiang ultra micro chemical Co., Ltd. and other enterprises have released such job information

the person in charge of chemical talents said that in recent years, with the rapid development of social economy, environmental problems have become increasingly prominent, and the chemical industry is the first to bear the brunt. The development of green chemical industry has become the main development direction of China's chemical industry. At the same time, the state has paid more and more attention to the development of green chemical industry, and has carried out corresponding policy support to encourage the chemical industry to carry out technological innovation, As a result, the demand for technical talents also increases

in addition to the large demand for technical personnel, there is also a great demand for front-line operators, such as operators, synthetic operators, production foremen, etc. for example, Langsheng taixiang (Nantong) Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. has recruited more than 30 operators, while Jiangsu Changqing agrochemical Co., Ltd. has a demand for 50 operators. It can be said that enterprises still have a general demand for operators

foreign funded enterprises settled in to increase the popularity of talent recruitment

many foreign-funded enterprises also recruited at this job fair, including feichao (Wuxi) filtration technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Jiali Gas Co., Ltd., Aspen Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Jiaxing Cologne Chemical Co., Ltd More than a dozen enterprises including Wuxi Barack new materials Co., Ltd. have released recruitment information

with the gradual deepening of the opening-up policy in the Yangtze River Delta and the attraction of the local chemical environment, many foreign-funded enterprises choose to settle in the Yangtze River Delta and increase their chemical investment in the Yangtze River Delta. The development of the industry also drives the demand for talents, which leads to a recruitment boom

the employment guidance experts of chemical talents pointed out that foreign-funded enterprises also vigorously develop the automotive industry market. When recruiting talents, they not only pay attention to the job seekers' working ability and technical knowledge, but also require the job seekers to identify with the company's corporate culture, be familiar with the local market environment, and have the ability to speak, listen and write in English or other languages, so as to facilitate the communication of foreign cooperation

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