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The "catfish effect" of foreign capital stimulates the vitality of China's construction machinery

the "catfish effect" of foreign capital stimulates the vitality of China's construction machinery

introduction to China's construction machinery information

for China's construction machinery industry, it has gone through a golden decade that has been admired by the outside world since China's entry into the WTO, and the total market volume has soared from 40billion yuan to 400billion yuan. Among them, foreign capital integration plays an indispensable role. The trend of this year's construction machinery industry is somewhat

for China's construction machinery industry, it has gone through a "golden decade" admired by the outside world since China's accession to the WTO. The total market volume has soared from 40billion yuan to 400billion yuan. Among them, foreign capital integration plays an indispensable role

"this year, the trend of the construction machinery industry is somewhat positive first and then negative. Many peers believe that the golden decade will enter a cold winter, but in such a market, Shandong Lingong has good news, with a revenue of more than 10 billion yuan, and has formulated an overseas expansion strategy to boost the excavator market." The person in charge of Shandong Lingong Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. told China Economic Herald. In his opinion, since joining hands with Volvo, Shandong Lingong has not only further consolidated the advantages of good product quality and high cost performance, but also continuously improved the details and soft indicators on this basis, gradually emerging from the industry brands

the localization of foreign capital has produced a "catfish effect"

the data show that in the past 10 years since China's accession to the WTO, foreign capital has basically controlled more than 30% of China's manufacturing market. As a new decisive factor for economic development, the total external capital control system of high-tech manufacturing industry has approached the level of 70% in recent years

according to the survey, the penetration of foreign capital into the construction machinery industry has not stopped: in 2006, Carlyle prepared to acquire XCMG; In November of the same year, handing Asia Pacific purchased 43% of the shares of Yuchai Machinery; At the beginning of 2007, Volvo Group acquired 70% of the shares of Shandong Lingong; In 2008, SMMC became a wholly-owned company of caterpillar. In addition, Xiamen Industrial Group Co., Ltd., Hebei Xuangong, Shantui Co., Ltd. and other enterprises have also constantly exposed rumors of foreign mergers and acquisitions

"almost 30%~40% of the leading enterprises in all sub industries of the mechanical equipment industry have foreign capital." Hu hang, chairman of Hua'an Xinhe investment company, said, "the direct consequence of this is that the 'catfish effect' of foreign investment has stimulated the vitality of the construction machinery industry."

"over the years, the gap between China's construction machinery industry and world-class enterprises has been not in the 'hardware' such as product quality, but in the 'software' such as concept, service and unified appearance. Their participation has helped China's construction machinery industry approach the world-class level in terms of technology and other hard indicators, but also imperceptibly changed the soft things such as concept and service." Experts from China Construction Machinery Industry Association said

a simple example is that in the process of internationalization, domestic construction machinery enterprises are often defeated by details such as the "EU standard" for energy conservation and emission reduction, underdeveloped dealer network, inhuman after-sales service, and even the lack of a unified appearance and image, rather than focusing on product quality. During the several years of cooperation with Volvo, the most rapid progress in temporary work lies in the improvement of details. Through Volvo's technical support, the energy-saving products of temporary construction have obtained EU CE certification, which is the most advanced level in the world

"details are the devil, and details are also opportunities. It can be said that anyone who can improve his internationalization strategy in details will be the last to laugh in the international market for the related parties of listed companies. At present, the gap between the product performance of China's construction machinery industry and the international first-line brands has become smaller and smaller, and the biggest gap lies in the soft power." WANGZHIZHONG, chairman and CEO of Shandong Lingong, said

details determine success or failure. Integration continues to deepen.

this year is the first year of the 12th Five Year Plan. According to the 12th Five Year Plan for the development of China's construction machinery industry, by 2015, the sales scale of China's construction machinery industry will reach 900billion yuan, with an average annual growth rate of 17%, of which exports will reach about 26billion US dollars. The sales revenue and export volume of the whole industry in 2015 were more than double that of 2010. "In the face of huge opportunities, the domestic construction machinery industry needs to step up its integration with the world, especially focusing on the details." China 5 The belt on the force measuring piston falls off or is too loose (making the piston unable to run at a uniform speed), said wangruixiang, President of the Machinery Industry Federation

"for Shandong Lingong, Volvo Group holding Lingong is a typical example in terms of strategic planning, enterprise operation, technological innovation, and various details of soft power integration such as brand building." Experts from China Construction Machinery Industry Association said

as a matter of fact, the past November was a fruitful month for Shandong temporary construction. In the same month, Shandong Lingong, with independent manufacturing and development experience and multiple social resources, achieved the impressive results that in 2011, the loader export ranked first, the growth rate of main economic indicators ranked first in the industry, and the cumulative sales revenue exceeded 10 billion yuan

next year is the second year of Shandong Lingong's "Five-Year Plan and three-year realization". In order to meet the challenges of next year, Shandong Lingong has strengthened cooperation with Volvo in many fields and started to build new cab production workshops and new excavator assembly workshops

linbinhua, general manager of Volvo Construction equipment (China), revealed that he is actively expanding cooperation with overseas agents to improve the market share of Shandong temporary engineering products. Now, Volvo has launched several cooperation projects with Shandong Lingong, continuously introducing new technologies and products to Shandong Lingong, and promoting them to the market in the near future

this means that the integration between Volvo and Shandong Lingong continues to deepen, and the "details determine success or failure" concept will promote Shandong Lingong to move towards a truly "international Lingong"

however, Boeing has stated that it is examining its own supply chain

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