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From the development of high-speed railway, how can China's shield machine push through the old and bring forth the new?

from the development of high-speed railway, how can China's shield machine push through the old and bring forth the new?

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if this breakthrough can be achieved in the research technology of earth rock graphene battery, on November 14, the first domestic railway large-diameter shield machine was successfully offline in Changsha, Hunan Province. This high-end equipment was jointly developed by China railway construction heavy industry group and China Railway 16th Bureau Group, With completely independent intellectual property rights, its successful offline has filled the gap of independent brand of railway large-diameter shield machine in China

the technology of China's high-speed rail will also start in 2004. At that time, the companies participating in the bidding included Siemens of Germany, Alstom of France, Kawasaki heavy industry of Japan and Bombardier of Canada. Due to the fierce competition among several companies, China has successively introduced high-speed rail technology from these companies at relatively low prices, including a 350km/h prototype vehicle (introduced in early 2006) and the whole vehicle manufacturing technology introduced from Siemens

in just a few years, China has mastered two extremely important technologies for high-speed railway construction: locomotive technology and track technology. Specifically, at present, the core competitiveness of China's high-speed rail is mainly in the whole vehicle manufacturing, contact, traction power supply system and train operation control system. Among them, the contact and traction power supply system is the product of Baoji baodeli electric company in China, which has absorbed the technology of Germany and Italy. 5. Controller: controller failure production; The aluminum alloy car body is manufactured by Shandong Conglin aluminum company using the world's first 10000 ton hydraulic double acting aluminum extruder designed by Xi'an Heavy Machinery Research Institute; As the core technology of High-speed Railway: train operation control system, China Railway Communication and signaling Corporation has successfully developed CTCS-3 Train Control System with independent intellectual property rights by absorbing the experience of Siemens and Hitachi. In addition, the 250/350 km high-speed bogie is a ballastless track slab in high-speed railway infrastructure that China has conquered. High molecular polymers have the mechanical properties with the widest range of variability among all known materials and have independent intellectual property rights

let's take a look at the shield machine technology. For a long time, Mitsubishi Heavy Industry, which ranks first in the world with its output of 1670 units, Herrick, which accounts for more than half of the market share in Europe, and wert, which has many brands in Germany, have the most eye-catching performance. Herrick in Germany alone accounts for more than 70% of the domestic shield machine market. It was not until December, 2006 that the "Xianxian 2" shield machine was manufactured and installed in Shanghai and officially rolled off the production line that it began to break the situation that the foreign shield machine "dominated the world". "Pioneer 2" has 33 technical patents, with a diameter of 6.34 meters. The price is one third lower than that of the same Japanese products, and the localization rate has reached about 70%

although the cost of shield machine is high, it can improve the underground excavation efficiency of subway by 8 to 10 times. In addition, during the construction process, there is no large-scale demolition on the ground, no traffic interruption, no noise during construction, no ground settlement, and no impact on the normal life of residents. In addition, China's subway, water conservancy projects, river crossing tunnels and many other projects have been launched, so that domestic heavy machinery manufacturing enterprises have begun to enter the field of shield machine manufacturing through cooperation with foreign shield machine manufacturers, joint ventures or independent research and development, as well as mergers and acquisitions of foreign companies. Shield machine products made in China began to appear on the market

at present, nearly 30 domestic enterprises have entered the shield machine industry, breaking the monopoly of foreign shield machine market. Some enterprises have been able to undertake projects independently, have the ability and level of independent development, design, manufacturing, complete sets and construction, and are gradually realizing autonomy, localization, industrialization and marketization. This time, the first domestic railway large-diameter shield machine was successfully rolled off the line in Changsha, Hunan Province, filling the gap of China's independent brand of railway large-diameter shield machine, and also marking that the localization of shield machine instead of import will be the goal and main task in the future

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