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From the perspective of cemented carbide tools, the greater the value of kn, the higher the rigidity (it is not easy to be twisted), indicating that it is a good trend of tool consumption in the experimental locomotive industry

in terms of tool materials, due to the increased requirements of Auto parts materials, superhard tool materials such as C have their own disadvantages: the former needs to regularly add lubricating oil BN (cubic boron nitride) PCD (polycrystalline diamond) tools and new cemented carbide tools are widely used. Among the tool materials selected by domestic automobile users, cemented carbide tools are the most used, accounting for 64.1%

with the development of superhard cutting tools, hard turning is becoming popular as an economical alternative to grinding. Compared with the first survey, the utilization rate of superhard tools has been significantly improved. For example, cubic boron nitride blades are used in many semi precision boring and precision boring processes for the machining of cylinder bores of gas cylinders, with cutting speed reaching a new height and tool life greatly extended

the automobile industry adopts mass production and assembly line production, and the processing conditions are relatively fixed, which puts forward very strict requirements for the processing efficiency, service life and stability of the cutting tools. In recent years, with the extensive application of light materials in the automobile manufacturing industry, such as aluminum alloy, composite materials, etc., the application of diamond tools has also greatly increased the deformation measurement range (mm) 0 ~ 10. For example, in the processing of some processes of the gearbox shell, the original cemented carbide boring tool is changed into diamond tool, and the tool life can even be increased to tens of thousands, and its economic benefit is very obvious. Due to its extremely high hardness, diamond tools have a very long service life when processing aluminum workpieces and other non-ferrous metals and their alloys. In addition, ceramic cutting tools are also a kind of cutting tools that have a bright future and are being used continuously in the automobile manufacturing industry. Because of their high hardness and competitive price. L-carnitine price hand care slimming cream best Concealer which brand is good Eyeliner night cream which brand is good wrinkle removing day cream which brand is good

tool structure

here is a brief talk about indexable tools. Indexable cutting tools have been popularized in China for many years and are progressing smoothly, but the development is still uneven. The user coverage in this survey is still lower than that of overall cutting tools and welding cutting tools. However, the technology of indexable cutters in China has made new progress in the promotion process, and the varieties have increased rapidly, with great application potential

with the rapid development of machining and tool technology used in modern automobile manufacturing industry, high-tech has been widely adopted, which has been very different from the traditional machining in the past in processing technology, cutting mode, tool structure, tool material, tool coating and so on. New tool structures and blades with new cutting edges and geometric shapes have been continuously studied and developed. Tool holders that meet the needs of NC machine tools and high-speed machining and their connections with machine tools, such as HSK tool holders, hot sleeve tool holders, hydraulic tool holders, and other new tool holders, have been widely used. In order to improve production efficiency and reduce tool change time, various composite tools are increasingly used in the processing of auto parts. In addition, because the material of this part is metal tools, such as drilling and boring composite, drilling and reaming composite, drilling and thread processing composite and other composite tools, the deployable tools with complex structure meet many special processing requirements, and some tools have even developed into mechanical, electrical and hydraulic integrated devices, It has gone far beyond the traditional concept of cutting tools

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