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According to the quarterly report of the world bank on economic growth, China's economic growth rate will reach 7.5% in 2012, which will rise to 8.6% in 2013

in recent years, China's packaging industry has become the top priority of the global packaging industry. In 2011, the output value of China's packaging industry reached 1.3 billion yuan, making it the second largest packaging production country in the world after the United States

data show that the output growth rate of corrugated board in China in 2011 was 13.8%. The International Corrugated Box Association predicts that the output of corrugated board in China will maintain an 11% growth rate in the next five years (2012-2016). When China gradually becomes the production center of global cartons, the diversified market demand brought by it also provides a lot of opportunities for local suppliers

the US Market Research Authority, the Florida group, predicts that by 2013, the global demand for corrugated boxes will increase at an annual rate of 3.4% to 213 billion square meters. A large part of the growth will come from the rapidly developing Chinese market

as the largest exhibition and trade LSB co 20a gb11945 platform in China and even the Asia Pacific region, the 2013 China International corrugation exhibition will gather first-hand market information and lead the latest standards of first-class products in the industry. On site, you will not only capture the latest enterprise trends of peer suppliers, but also timely grasp the market demand trends of carton factories and even packaging end users, and grasp absolute business opportunities

in addition, it is also the only exhibition in China that comprehensively displays the comprehensive cutting-edge technology and equipment products of corrugated box, bringing together top corrugated box equipment suppliers in China and even the world. For many carton factories trying to develop and expand, they are increasingly aware of the importance of equipment upgrading and technology upgrading. This is not only a challenge faced by the carton factory, but also an opportunity to seek transformation and breakthrough, because wood plastic composites have not developed rapidly. In the future, adopting complete sets of corrugated box equipment with high degree of automation, fast speed, stable performance and low energy consumption will become the main way for carton enterprises to seek new development. The only way to appreciate all suppliers at one time and find new technologies and investigate new equipment is to come to China International Corrugated exhibition. For supplier enterprises, it is an important platform for mutual learning, exchange and understanding of international new equipment and technology

as the world's leading professional exhibition of corrugated box equipment, consumables and technology, the 2013 China International Corrugated exhibition will gather international professional buyers and traders with high purchasing power from developed and emerging markets during the four-day exhibition period, providing you with the unique important opportunity to expand the fastest growing market in the world and obtain the best return on investment. Therefore, I believe that 2013 China International corrugation exhibition will be a solid platform for business exchanges and cooperation between you and global target customers, who can exhaust the air in the main cylinder

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