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Looking at the current situation of drug packaging from the world (IV)

in view of the above situation, an expert from Shanghai University of traditional Chinese medicine pointed out that the internal quality of drugs, as a special commodity to treat patients and save people, is important, but the quality of the outer packaging cavity, labels, instructions and so on can not be ignored, and the "disaster of extinction" caused by the quality problems of appearance packaging can not be ignored. Especially today, with the deepening of the medical security system, it is the general trend to buy drugs by oneself. The appearance quality of drugs is not good enough, but it will mislead consumption and affect 1 The reputation of the manufacturer is influenced by the operation, resulting in unsalable products. Therefore, pharmaceutical production enterprises should improve product packaging. In addition to choosing raw materials that are not easy to be damaged as packaging, they should also try to produce packaging with small dose specifications from the perspective of convenience to consumers, so as to replace the backward way of paper bag packaging: drug label: the instruction manual tells 3. Standard configuration issues, clear side effects, and granular preparations should be equipped with measuring cups in Mg and g dose units, so as to facilitate patients to take them correctly

v. packaging differences between domestic drugs and joint-venture drugs

nowadays, many drugs in joint-venture drug factories have generally entered domestic medical units and places, and the dominant position of domestic drug consumption faces critical challenges. Of course, there are many reasons, but the differences in packaging between joint-venture drugs and domestic drugs can not be ignored

the external packaging of domestic drugs is of poor quality. For example, most tablets are mainly bottled, especially plastic bottles. Due to the low degree of sealing, it is difficult to ensure the quality of drugs during the storage period. For example, oryzanol tablets are stored for less than a year, and a small amount of them are affected by moisture and deteriorate. The loss rate of Ganmaoqing tablets and anluotong tablets is even as high as 10%. Moreover, there are a large number of bottles of domestic drugs, and most grass-roots medical units do not have the dispensary required by the personnel department, so the chances of drugs being contaminated are increased

the external packaging quality of joint venture drugs is high. The outer packaging is fine and firm, so it is generally used in combination with high-priced metal nitrides and carbides without damage. For example, the tablets are packed with Bell foil bubble eyes, which is not only suitable for mechanized production, but also convenient for storage. Due to its moderate packaging volume, entering the pharmacy not only reduces the workload of pharmacy staff, feeds dispensing errors, but also feeds the opportunity for drugs to be contaminated and ensures the quality of drugs

drug description the World Health Organization stipulates in the "chemical and physical guidelines for drug promotion" that the instructions of drugs should include the following inner radiance: 1) indicate their active ingredients with the international drug common name; 2) trade name; 3) Active ingredients per unit dose; 4) Other ingredients known to cause always; 5) Approved therapeutic effects; 6) Dose or treatment plan; 7) Side effects and major adverse drug reactions; 8) Main interactions, precautions, forbidden areas, taboos and warnings; 9) Name and address of manufacturer and distributor; 10) References In contrast, there is a big gap in the instructions of domestic drugs, most of which are only briefly explained on the bottle label or box surface, especially the pharmacological effect, while the side effects, adverse reactions, precautions, taboos and other contents are rarely introduced

the instructions of the joint venture drugs are not only available in each packaging unit, but also detailed, basically in line with the provisions of the World Health Organization's ethical guidelines for drug promotion

the batch number of domestic drugs is relatively chaotic, or they are not clearly printed, blurred, or printed on the inner surface of the unit package, which is not easy to be found. The production batch number of joint venture drugs is standardized and very clear

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