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On October 11, the development status and future trend of the international crude oil spot market

due to the relatively low official price, the medium quality and high sulfur Qatari offshore crude oil installed in December continued to be sold at a stable rising price

traders said that the trading price of more offshore crude oil loaded in Qatar in December was as high as +40 cents per barrel to the official price, and the adjustment range was wide. Nippon Oil Company purchased two ships of cargo

a trader said that there were only two ships of crude oil off the coast of Qatar in December

the price of water rise is narrower than the higher than +1.00 US dollars per barrel of water rise obtained from the shipment in November, but it still reflects the stable demand for the crude oil

however, spot prices of other crude oil may be partially depressed as Saudi Arabia will increase its crude oil supply to the Asian market in November

Saudi Aramco informed its Asian crude oil buyers that it would supply crude oil in the full amount of the contract in November, while the supply to the Asian market had been lower than the full amount for nearly a year

the increase in Saudi Arabia's contracted cargo supply will leave Asian buyers little room to buy high sulfur crude oil in the spot market

in December, the market trend of Abu Dhabi light and high sulfur Murban crude oil was weak, because traders believed that the recent official price was too high

traders estimated that the spot price of Murban crude oil in December was between +10 cents and the official price per barrel

at the end of Asian trading, the December Oman crude oil period of the Dubai mercantile exchange should first check whether the installation of the experimental machine is horizontal. The settlement price of the contract rose to $75.34 per barrel from $74.27 on Wednesday

in December, Brent Dubai forward and current swap (EFS) was $4.43 per barrel, which closed the crude oil arbitrage trading window of Brent Series in the Atlantic basin

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