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Current situation and future development of China's rapid printing industry (Part 1)

I. current situation of China's rapid printing industry in recent years

people generally call short version, narrow width, fast, flexible and personalized printing as rapid printing. It has the characteristics of less investment, low cost, fast efficiency, many batches, good printing quality and printing on demand. It has been favored by Party and government organs, colleges and universities, enterprises and institutions, small and medium-sized printing plants and many social fast printing groups. It has become an industry with broad development prospects

the technical solutions for rapid printing are rich and colorful. In addition to the traditional technical solutions for small offset printing machines, many famous printing equipment suppliers have also put forward many personalized and innovative new rapid printing technology solutions, For example, there are many technical solutions for digital printing machines (digital printing machine developed from copier technology plus digital technology: digital multifunctional machine developed from printer technology; digital electronic ink printing machine developed from printing machine technology plus digital technology and digital ink technology: digital offset printing machine developed from offset printing machine technology plus digital in machine edition technology, etc.). However, in recent years, due to the high cost of digital printing machines in China and the immature construction environment, they are only limited to high-level customers and cannot be widely popularized in China. Therefore, the main market body of China's rapid printing is still the traditional small offset printing machine market

traditional small offset printing machines have developed rapidly in China in recent years, especially from 2000 to the end of 2002, there was an unprecedented overheating phenomenon. Due to the establishment and development of the small offset printing machine market, first of all, starting from the printing machine for office and education, it extends to government agencies, schools, enterprises and institutions, replacing or partially replacing the mimeograph printing equipment, forming a fast printing market. In particular, the rise of the copier plate making industry and the small offset press have solved the problems of registration accuracy and multi-function printing. The small offset press has been recognized by users for its fast, high quality and commercial use. Therefore, the output of the small offset press has increased again and again, stimulating the development of the manufacturing industry. Many enterprises and even individuals have also joined the small offset press industry

in the mid-1990s, there were less than ten small offset press manufacturers in China; By the end of 1999, there were 25 small offset printing machine manufacturers; By 2002, it was said that there were nearly 100 manufacturers of small offset printing machines, and there were also nearly 60 manufacturers with names. Some enterprises that were not originally in the printing field, such as aviation academies, agricultural machinery, machine tools, township enterprises, have also produced and operated small offset printing machines, and even three or five people can make small offset printing machines together. Such a large number of manufacturers, complex varieties and uneven quality is a great spectacle of China's and even the world's printing manufacturing industry, which has also caused the most chaotic and disorderly fierce competition in China's current small offset press market. These new enterprises often adopt a mechanism closer to the market, socialized production cooperation, flexible means to promote sales, and incredible low-cost machines made of low costs and expenses, which have a huge impact on the small offset press market

this disorderly competition intensified in 2002 and has been out of control, resulting in many negative effects. Because these manufacturers do not have mature technology, they can only put it together in a hodgepodge. Because the equipment is simple, the quality of parts and components is poor, the quality of assembly personnel is low, and there is no technical detection means, the quality of the installed machine is naturally unstable. Many users cannot operate normally after buying it back. The use efficiency is very low, there are many faults, and the stability is too poor. Many passengers and corpses suffer from it. Carefully analyze the reasons why these customer groups buy these non brand machines. There are several main reasons: first, customers who are just starting, especially those who have just transitioned from type printing to offset printing, do not know the quality of domestic small offset printing machine manufacturers at all, and buy them through exaggerated publicity of these manufacturers; Second, customers with weak economic strength and lack of funds may be affected by various factors, including the requirements of relevant departments to forcibly update the equipment, so they will buy a cheap one to make do with, and then update it when the conditions are good: Third, customers with few sources of activity, small volume of activity, and low printing quality requirements do not need the efficient operation of small offset printing machines, as long as they can print. The existence of such a group has created a living space for those small offset printing machine manufacturers with miscellaneous brands. If the supply of spare parts and after-sales service cannot keep up, these manufacturers will eventually be damaged. It is understood that the reputation of various products of many enterprises has declined significantly among customers, and the brand has been smashed; Some people shot at it and changed places. The sales volume was declining, which had already produced serious consequences

in the first half of 2003, more than a dozen small offset printing manufacturers appeared in China, and the market competition of small offset printing machines became more intense. Due to the unprecedented impact of SARS in China, the overall production and sales of small offset printing machines have decreased significantly. In order to reduce inventory and improve sales, some manufacturers have reduced the price of their products by more than 30% since the second half of the year, so manufacturers of the same type of products have followed the price reduction, thus triggering an unprecedented price war in the field of ordinary light monochrome small offset presses. This price war indicates that light monochrome small offset presses have appeared in China. Check whether the piston stroke limit switch works by referring to the ruler on the main column With serious surplus, the small offset press market is facing a brutal market regulation process of survival of the fittest; It also indicates that the development of light monochrome small offset printing machines is declining, and the overheated market of monochrome small offset printing machines will soon cool down. Some fake and inferior small offset printing machines are facing the crisis of being eliminated by the market. This is a big reshuffle of the small offset press industry. The brand-name manufacturers that can survive and develop ultimately depend on scientific and technological progress to obtain user recognition. This is the only way for all industries at home and abroad to develop healthily and orderly, which is in line with the objective law of market competition

the current situation of the development of China's small offset press market also objectively shows that the pyramid structure of the rapid printing industry is changing. It should be said that the overall level at the bottom of the pyramid of China's rapid printing industry is relatively low. It is important to show that there are a large number of small and medium-sized printing enterprises, accounting for more than 95%; The production scale is small, and most of them are small family workshops; The level of equipment varies greatly; The technology content of printing technology is low; Many printing enterprises are in a labor-intensive state, and the other printing resources have not been fully optimized, the production efficiency is not high, and the quality of printed matter is average

in the previous stage, the group competition at the bottom of this pyramid was disordered, chaotic, fake and inferior, and the printing quality was low. Due to the influx of new small printing plants, in order to compete for the source of vitality, there has been an unprecedented price war, and the living space of small printing enterprises is becoming narrower and narrower. In the past 12 years, the state has made great efforts to rectify the printing industry, and the situation has improved. However, the customer group at the bottom of the pyramid is relatively surplus, and the competition is more intense. The rubber tensile testing machine has the mechanical properties with the widest range of variability among all known materials. Ordinary medium and low-grade printing has entered an era of low profits or no profits, which is the harsh reality faced by this group

in the face of fierce competition in the current market, some small printing groups that cannot be maintained due to poor management will be eliminated; There are also some small printing monarchs struggling to survive, but they can only be at the bottom of the printing pyramid; More groups stand out, continue to develop, rise to the middle of the pyramid, and even climb to the top of the pyramid, becoming high-end customers with high-tech content. Now the number of these groups is increasing. They will no longer choose medium and low-grade monochrome small offset printing machines, but choose high-tech fast printing equipment. All this shows that the rapid printing industry is making a qualitative leap

II. The status and development trend of small offset presses in the future rapid printing industry

the rapid printing association has organized relevant departments to formulate a 28 character "four modernizations" policy for the development of rapid printing in the next five years, namely "diversified and personalized printing, pre press network informatization, post press efficient automation, and scientific and systematic management". The 28 character "four modernizations" policy covers all the contents of rapid printing, including high-tech, intellectualization, serialization and flow, and reflects the characteristics and development requirements of rapid printing

we believe that the small offset press still plays an important role in the future rapid printing industry. It is the mainstream equipment of the rapid printing industry, and its status and role are unshakable. The equipment required by the rapid printing market is sufficiently diversified, and traditional printing and digital printing will coexist; At the same time, in the future, the personalized characteristics of the rapid printing industry will become increasingly prominent, and the technical solutions with outstanding personality of rapid printing will be further developed

I believe that the traditional small offset printing scheme will be the mainstream of various technical solutions in the next few years

the core equipment of fast printing is small offset press. Even in the increasingly developed network information society, small offset printing still occupies an important position, and its role is irreplaceable in the fast printing industry and even the printing machine industry. Diversified needs, personalized development, all-round selection and high-quality positioning will infinitely expand the development space of small offset printing machines

but the future small offset press is by no means an ordinary monochrome small offset press in the current sense, but a more commercial high-end small offset press suitable for the fast printing market. No matter how low, medium and high-end small offset printing machines develop, there will be room for their existence. Customers of different grades have 5. Turn on the oil pump motor. Quick printing solutions for small offset printing machines of different grades

in recent years, great changes have taken place in the technology of foreign small offset printing machines, and light monochrome small offset printing machines have basically withdrawn from the historical stage. Rapid printing has the characteristics of requiring high quality, short time, minimum waste, minimum cost, and can realize colorization. In this regard, light monochrome small offset press is simply not suitable

in the future, small offset printing machines will develop to heavy-duty commercial multicolor machines. On the one hand, the opportunity of two-color offset printing, which can realize double-sided printing, has become the basic configuration of small and medium-sized printing plants; On the other hand, the demand for multi-color small offset printing machines will increase with time, and gradually enter the homes of ordinary people, becoming the preferred printing equipment for many social fast printing groups

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