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The current situation and future of paper media book excerpts

the Department of Chinese and foreign book excerpts of Shanghai People's Publishing House led the release of the 2010 annual report on the release of Chinese paper media book excerpts. The report drew a series of conclusions and views, such as: book excerpts are increasingly becoming the target of major newspapers, stations, e-books and reading; The types of books concerned by the media and readers show regional differences; In terms of speed and frequency, paper book abstracts are developing towards short, frequent and fast directions. The survey results show that there will be more room for development if the paper book excerpts can keep up with the pace of the new technological revolution. This journal now publishes the report for readers

the 2010 annual report on the publication of Chinese paper media excerpts (hereinafter referred to as the "report") is a conclusion drawn after selecting 15 paper media in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangdong with a large circulation in 2010 as samples for investigation and analysis. The survey time is from January 1st, 2010 to December 31st, 2010. The Beijing survey samples are Beijing Evening News, Beijing Morning News, China reading daily and Book extracts; The survey samples in Shanghai are "liberation", "Wen Wei Po", "Xinmin Evening News", "Morning News", "evening news", "literature daily" and "excerpts of Chinese and foreign books"; The survey samples in Guangdong are Guangzhou, Yangcheng Evening News, Shenzhen evening news and Shenzhen Special Zone News

the report shows that readers of paper book abstracts tend to read more mature and publish shorter, more frequently and faster. Judging from the excerpts of the books listed in the three places, although there is a certain degree of overlap, the reading tastes are different. Beijing focuses on non fiction literature books of documentary and secret disclosure, Shanghai focuses on economics and management, and Guangzhou focuses on practical books of health preservation

the ranking rate of paper book abstracts is quite related to social hot spots, author fame, and the publicity and marketing of publishing houses. Paper book abstracts rely more on vision

the report puts forward the specific strategy of repositioning paper book abstracts, and believes that if paper book abstracts can keep up with the pace of the new technological revolution, they will have more room for development

book excerpts from the three places show reading differences

the report that the price and quality of the impact machine are in direct proportion divides the books in the book excerpts of the survey samples from the three places into documentary (non fictional literary works), fiction (fictional literary works), social Sciences, economics and management, and health preservation according to their general contents

documentary books account for the highest proportion in the survey samples of the three places, because the readers of paper media tend to be mature. Documentary and secret disclosure books have always had a broad market, especially in Beijing

health books have great differences in the survey samples of the three places. The proportion of Guangdong is the highest, reaching 30%, which is closely related to the food culture and health culture of Guangdong. In contrast, such books have the smallest proportion of excerpts in Shanghai

the number of social science books excerpted in Shanghai and Guangdong is the same, while Beijing is 3% less

extracts from economic and management books account for a large proportion in Shanghai, which is significantly different from Beijing and Guangdong, which is closely related to Shanghai's economic development and strong thirst for survival and knowledge

Due to the length and integrity of novel books, the proportion of excerpts in the three places is the lowest

from table 2 to table 4, it can be seen that among the books that have been repeatedly excerpted by local paper media, only "our Taiwan in recent years" has been excerpted by the media in Beijing and Shanghai at the same time, and "my original obsession" has broken through a batch of key core technologies and has been excerpted by the media in Beijing and Guangdong at the same time. This shows that the books concerned by the media and readers in the three places are not the same

it can be seen that there are still many cases of extracting the same books in the same region, which is closely related to the content of books, the centralized publicity of publishing houses and the paper media between regions. Therefore, the search engine actually seeks a satisfactory connection in the meaning of accounting

paper book excerpts rely on vision

the ability of book excerpts to choose and grasp books has a great impact on the quality of book excerpts, which puts forward higher requirements for the vision of book excerpts. How to choose books that are likely to sell well, have reading value and have fresh content from a professional perspective is a big test for book abstracts. First of all, we should have a market perspective, aim at the current book hot spots and reader trends, and carefully select the market hot spots and popular content; Secondly, we should have a cultural perspective. Books are cultural products, and the corresponding book excerpts should also spread cultural knowledge. The difference between book excerpts and is fast-moving consumer goods, while book excerpts make readers think after reading; Thirdly, whether readers will read after reading book excerpts is also a test of the judgment of book excerpts

relatively, there is enough space to tolerate the release of vegetable style book extracts when they are picked up in the basket, while paper book extracts are more dependent on the vision

the development of a single paper media is unsustainable

in 1987, China's newspapers, radio and television were basically three parts of the world. But in 1999, the market share of TV rose to nearly half, accounting for 49%. In the late 1990s, newspapers were impacted by Internet media. Due to the rise of electronic publishing, the reading channels of major stations can get the electronic version of books directly from books in time. Readers can read some or all of the contents of books without paying, and even choose to watch the designated parts

the layout limitations of the paper media restrict the development of the book extracts of the paper media. The popular page of newspapers is 4 or 8. Take 4K as an example, the whole page can accommodate 7000 words. Even if only one book excerpt is published, it is difficult to explain a story completely. In this case, it takes several days or dozens of days of serialization. The reading habit of general readers is to shorten the reading cycle as far as possible and know the outcome as soon as possible. Therefore, readers will choose network reading with strong timeliness and large amount of information

in this context, paper book abstracts are under multiple pressures. A typical case is the suspension of the best seller's digest in 2011 sponsored by Jiangsu People's publishing house. "Best seller excerpts" is one of the three magazines with the title of book excerpts nationwide. It was first published in 1987 and is published once a month. It selects excellent books at home and abroad. It mainly selects excerpts and introduces social science, culture and history and personage books. The report believes that the suspension of a Book extract magazine, which has been published for more than 20 years, is related to the impact of digital reading and the difficulty of running a single magazine

nevertheless, the paper media book excerpt, one of the largest parts of the book excerpt, is still an important part of it. According to the data released by the General Administration of publishing, in 2010, a total of 44.8 billion newspapers, 3.2 billion periodicals and 7.4 billion books were published nationwide. China ranks first in the world in terms of total circulation, book publishing varieties and total print runs, second in terms of the total volume of electronic publications, and third in terms of the annual output value of the printing industry

the publication of book excerpts is short and fast

under this background, paper book excerpts are also changing the rate and frequency of publication

short: due to the relatively short publication period, a more common way of book excerpts is serialization. And the serial date is also relatively short, with a cycle of about 7 days, and there is a trend of getting shorter and shorter. For example, on the basis of serializing novels, Xinmin Evening News has added reading columns, taking 2-3 days as a story cycle, which obviously avoids the lack of a large time span of serialization columns. In addition to the long-term serialization, it has formed another section of short serialization, and Guangzhou is similar to the layout of Xinmin Evening News

frequency: among the three samples, the regional advantage is no longer obvious. Due to the development of Book Logistics and the change of distribution mode, books published in different cities will not only be listed in this region, but also be listed all over the country at the same time, which is very similar to the national Premiere of films. The frequency of books spreading out in various channels is very fast. Therefore, the same period repetition of paper media book excerpts also began to appear, such as "we in Taiwan these years" and "I am stubborn and crazy" mentioned above

fast: book excerpts pay more and more attention to the publishing time of books. In terms of time, the freshness of newspaper book excerpts should have obvious advantages over weekly and monthly magazines, but the publishing time of the selected books in "Chinese and foreign book excerpts" is the latest in all samples, generally the books published within 3 months. Of course, the paper media also choose unpublished or upcoming books as excerpts

the development mode of multimedia into book extracts

digital media has the advantages of fast timeliness, large capacity, multimedia, interactivity, remote transmission and comprehensive service. Book excerpts are fast reading materials relative to books, and digital reading is fast reading materials relative to book excerpts

the differentiation of reading carriers, as well as the integration and coexistence of multimedia brought by electronization and networking, make the excerpts no longer need to rely solely on traditional ways to spread, and the update of the excerpts' dissemination is imperative. In the era of popular digital reading, it is a general trend to build a web platform for book abstracts

integrate the wonderful contents of books through the Internet platform, and even select several related book contents around a theme to form a wonderful topic, and realize reading and delivery through handheld terminals. This should be the mode of book excerpts dissemination in the new era. Nowadays, book reading is increasingly utilitarian and entertaining. Readers either look for and read books with a clear purpose, or just read for entertainment. The diversity of electronic book abstracts can just meet these two kinds of needs

in addition, multimedia should also be a development direction of book excerpts. Multimedia book excerpts that integrate pictures, sounds and even videos are expected to become the model of book excerpts in the future. Listening to books is currently gaining a new round of development opportunities. With the popularity of car audio-visual equipment and MP3, as well as the increasingly close combination of handheld terminals and voice, audio books are ushering in a new peak of development, which also provides favorable conditions for the multimedia of book excerpts. Combined with the relevant contents of traditional books, coupled with audio files of audio books and video files obtained by self-made or online search, the book excerpts will provide readers with a new and unique reading experience by timely delivery through handheld terminals

electronic, networking, reading, listening to books and other multimedia, using various new technologies to publish book extracts that were originally limited to paper media, will obtain hundreds, thousands, and thousands of readers, and its prospects are immeasurable

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