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The current situation and future of gravure printing in recent years, with the reform and opening up of the motherland and the rapid development of the national economy, the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the market presents a diversified development trend, the packaging grade of goods is higher and higher, and there are more and more varieties, which promotes the rapid development of China's printing and packaging industry

Gravure printing has always been an important part of the printing process. It forms four printing process systems with offset printing, flexo printing and silk screen printing. It has the unique advantages of wide range of printing materials, wide printing format, high printing quality and other printing methods. In China, gravure printing is mainly used for plastic and paper packaging printing. It is also favored by people for its bright printing patterns, rich layers, strong printing plate endurance, high-speed operation (up to more than 300 meters/minute), and a wide range of substrates suitable for printing

current situation and advantages of gravure printing

1 Intaglio printing is of high quality, which cannot be compared with other printing methods. With the increasingly fierce market competition, customers have higher and higher requirements for the quality of printed matter. Gravure printing can greatly comply with this trend. In the printing process, the ink volume is high, the ink saturation is good, the layers are clear, and the colors are bright. At the same time, it can meet the printing of large quantities of products. The high-speed operation mode enables gravure printing to complete the printing of batch products in a short time, and the printing quality is stable. The same batch of products can achieve no color difference. For most enterprises with permanent brand products, gravure printing takes priority over other printing processes and occupies the main market share. On the basis of maintaining a high number of prints, she can still maintain the characteristics of high quality, which provides a strong guarantee for him to not only maintain the inherent market, but also recapture some markets when he competes with offset printing and flexo printing in the printing industry

2. Packaging and decoration printing continues to favor gravure printing. Due to the strong development momentum of flexographic printing in recent years, the market share of gravure printing in the field of packaging printing has regressed. However, insiders believe that this trend has turned to gravure printing, which is called the "Renaissance" of gravure printing in the packaging market, mainly manifested in the following situations. First, the demand for gravure printing machinery is growing. In Asia, southern Europe and some third world countries, traditional gravure printing has been developing strongly in the packaging market; Second, the market requires high printing number and high gloss effect of package printing, which can only be completed through gravure printing; Third, gravure printing will become the first choice of brand products because of its quality assurance and high gloss effect. Even in Europe, gravure printing also plays a leading role in the field of packaging and printing of famous brand goods. Statistics show that 80% of the packaging of famous brand goods is realized by gravure printing

3. Gravure printing products have a wide range of applications and great market potential. With the development of printing technology and technological change, gravure printing, especially in decorative printing, has great development potential. The application of packaging printing in food, beverage, medicine, medical treatment and other industries will inevitably show the development trend of large-scale and globalization, opening up a broader market for gravure printing. The promising development potential of China's packaging and printing market mainly includes the following aspects: food industry, dairy market, fruit juice and beverage industry, vegetable juice processing industry, pharmaceutical and medical packaging, etc. After years of continuous development, various composite materials have been widely used in the packaging industry. Gravure printing products are exquisite and beautiful, rich in layers, strong sense of subjectivity, clear lines and other advantages, which can be fully reflected in these prints

Second, the future of gravure printing

in the process of world economic integration, the packaging and printing industry has entered an era of rapid development and technological change. At the same time, it has brought unprecedented market opportunities to printing and packaging, and will also expand a broader living space for the gravure industry. With the continuous application of new technology of gravure printing machine and the gradual solution of problems faced by gravure printing process, gravure printing will show greater and greater advantages in the future

1. Develop high-tech printing machinery to gain market competitiveness. In the environment of coexistence of various printing processes, gravure printing machines should gradually eliminate models with low printing speed, poor technical performance and small profit margin. To develop to multi-color and high-speed printing machines, we should improve the automation level of machinery, widely use computer and digital technology, and develop all kinds of equipment with high precision and speed to meet the requirements of high quality, high efficiency and high added value. At present, the printing speed of domestic equipment is mostly 60 ~ 300m/m, and that of foreign equipment is mostly 150 ~ 450m/m. The printing width of domestic equipment is 800 ~ 2500mm, and the maximum width of foreign equipment can reach 4320mm; In terms of the number of color groups, it is usually 8 ~ 10, and more than 15 colors can be achieved

2. Develop in the direction of low cost, multi-function, anti-counterfeiting and efficiency enhancement. With the rapid development of the packaging and printing industry and the continuous changes in the types of applications, multifunctional printing equipment will be concerned. At present, paper and plastic compatible printing machines, paper and aluminum foil compatible printing machines and paper, plastic and aluminum foil hybrid compatible machines, double receiving and double releasing multi-color unit gravure printing machines, printing and composite connecting machines, etc. in the market are all favored by the market. The continuous improvement of products not only meets the anti-counterfeiting needs of high-end printing materials with multi-color and light color, but also improves work efficiency and reduces the investment cost of printing enterprises

3. Vigorously develop environmental friendly inks to achieve "green" printing. It is the general trend to actively develop "green" packaging printing that meets environmental protection requirements and is pollution-free. Therefore, vigorously developing the application of gravure ink is the only way to improve the gravure market share. Water based ink not only meets the requirements of environmental protection, but also can significantly reduce the emission of organic volatile matter into the atmosphere, so as to reduce air pollution and improve the printing environment. It is called "green packaging" ink, which is suitable for the packaging and printing of food, beverages, drugs and other products. At the same time, printing is convenient, economical and safe, so that its scope of application continues to expand. It can be seen that in gravure printing, with the increasing requirements of environmental protection and the reduction of solvent cost, water-based ink will have. Broad development prospects

4. The stronger the development momentum of printing and packaging industry, the greater the market share of gravure products. Driven by the rapid development of the national economy, China's packaging and printing industry has maintained a growth rate of 10% - 12% for many years, and is known as "sunrise industry" by the economic community. In the market outlook, experts predict that the future packaging industry will become the fastest-growing industry, which will develop at a rate of 20%, and gradually form large-scale and globalization. In general, printing will develop towards flexible packaging and plastic packaging. In this situation, gravure printing, which has accounted for 20% of the total printing proportion, will have an increasing market share. First, it has a good development foundation. So far, China has introduced more than 420 gravure printing machine production lines. At the same time, there are many domestic gravure printing machine manufacturers with strong production capacity, which has reduced the gravure printing price. Therefore, there are many entrepreneurial players who will come to participate in the market, including academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, returnees, winners of the thousand talents plan, domestic top experts, etc., which will continue to increase. It is expected that there will be an increase of 100 sets every year; Second, the advantages of gravure products cannot be replaced by other printing processes. For example, in meeting the fake demand of preventing more and more purchasing power from transferring to the field of new energy, gravure printing has much better anti-counterfeit performance in terms of equipment, software and technology. Some printers can't ensure the high quality of their milk and fruit juice packaging paperboard after printing with flexographic printing technology; Third, gravure plate making industry and raw and auxiliary materials have a high penetration rate. In recent years, the domestic gravure plate making industry has made great progress, and advanced electronic engraving machines, laser engraving machines and other equipment have been put into use. Shanxi Yuncheng plate making group is a very large gravure plate making enterprise, and its gravure plate roller processing market share in the country can reach more than 70%. In addition, the development and use of environmentally friendly water-based inks will promote the rapid development of gravure printing industry

generally speaking, gravure printing will move towards the direction of multi-purpose, multi-color, high-speed, automation, linkage and environmental protection. Internationally, the research and development of new gravure printing technology has always been carried out around the requirements of flexibility, high quality and economy of final products. A new generation of highly automated, labor-saving and efficient gravure printing machines has become the mainstream of the market. ■

Shaanxi beiren gravure printing machine

over the years, due to the sharp increase in domestic demand for gravure printing equipment, it has promoted the rapid development and upgrading of domestic printing machinery manufacturing enterprises. Shaanxi Beiren Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. is a leader in China's gravure equipment manufacturing industry. The following is a brief introduction of several representative products developed by the company

the first domestic gravure printing computer with double receiving and double releasing unit automatically pre judges whether the experimental results are qualified and effective (for example, whether the experimental data comply with the relevant standards and regulations, and whether the sample breaks within or outside the gauge distance) machine

this machine is independently developed on the basis of the introduction of Japanese Fuji machinery gravure manufacturing technology, drawing lessons from the advanced European gravure printing technology, and using many years of successful experience in producing large-scale high-end gravure printing machines. The machine has two independent feeding and discharging structures and two sets of tension control systems, which can be arbitrarily combined into one or two independent unit gravure printing machines. It not only meets the printing of long version, but also meets the printing of many varieties of short version, realizing the dual-use of one machine. It has compact structure, small floor area, printing speed of more than 220 meters per minute, overprint accuracy of ± 0.1 mm, and can print PVDC, OPP, pet, CPP and other film materials

unit gravure printing machine crosscutting machine

this machine is mainly applicable to the printing, polishing and crosscutting of cigarette outer packaging and other commercial outer packaging. This machine is used for multi-color printing, polishing, humidifying and cross cutting of paper of 20 ~ 350 g/m2. There are two kinds of receiving methods, which can not only receive the roll form with a diameter of 1500 mm, but also receive a single sheet of paper with the required length for transverse stacking. The machine speed is 200m/min, the overprint accuracy is ± 0.2mm, and the wire breaking length is 472 ~ 942mm. The advanced structure of the company's mature machines and mature automatic control system are adopted in the structure. According to the characteristics of this kind of equipment, high-precision AC servo devices are adopted to ensure the accuracy of cross-section length and cross-section position; The post press humidification device is used to ensure the smooth receiving of large gram paper; A quick paper inserting structure is adopted to ensure the normal stacking of a single sheet of paper reeling in the adjusted operation state

high grade carton preprint gravure printing machine

this product has been put on the market at the beginning of this year, and has been highly praised by users and Chinese and foreign experts. It marks that domestic tiles also point out the direction for the development of plastic granulator technology in China, and the corrugated board surface paper preprint technology has reached a new level. The so-called pre printing of corrugated paper is to print all the patterns of corrugated paper before making corrugated on the corrugated paper production line. High efficiency, high-speed continuous printing, wide printing format, can adapt to the production of large cartons; The main features of this machine are high printing quality, exquisite patterns, high gravure printing pressure and low cost (for a large number of long edition activities, the offset printing resistance rate is only tens of thousands of prints, while the gravure printing resistance rate can reach tens of thousands of prints). The cartons produced are high strength, saturated color, and the surface paper is firmly bonded

while vigorously developing gravure printing machines, Shaanxi beiren printing machine Co., Ltd. continues to accelerate the research and development of supporting equipment for gravure printing machines

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